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Chardonnay Time…Again

February 8, 2009

Now we are getting down to the last two contestants, BUT, on my travels yesterday, I had some of the ViewPointe Barrel Fermented Chardonnay. I was lead to believe that it was very oaky, but no no no no. It was a wonderful wine. Quite dear, but very good. I may add this one but it isn't fair as it is twice the price of the others. Its great but it should be for $30.

So last night we had roast chicken with a honey/chardonnay glaze, roasted baby potatoes and asparagus. Wine was Tony Bennett with KD Lang. Nice stuff. Classy cool music to go with great wine.

The day was spent shopping at the wineries. We forgot it was the Ice Wine Festival so not a great day. Colio was packed. We didn't go in, but it looked very busy…that's good.

We had the new Ice Wine at CREW and got some wine…they make great wine and have great staff. Then over to ViewPointe…. service was great, I spent too much and got some great wine. Then off to Aleksander for Chardonnay, but added Shiraz and other stuff. We had a great time with them and got a tour….really cool.

Back to the wine. We used Muscedere for the glaze and that became our first wine.

Visual: This wine was pretty in the glass. A light gold colour which was clear and bright. A quick swirl showed great legs. All good signs.

Aroma: The nose was light and mild. I remember this wine was so aromatic in the summer, this was different. I get vanilla, a wee bit, and apricots. Lots of nice exoticy fruit and not alot of apple. Odd but mild and nice.

Taste: This wine has great mouth feel (leggs= viscosity=good mouth feel … to me at least) It has a good mineral and acid backbone, so its food friendly (from experience). I get citrus, apricot and green apple with a wee bit of vanilla. A nice complex wine.

From experience its good with food. It just didn't last that long yesterday. We had it while the chicken was roasting. I think it would have made a great match to the chicken but alas that task was given to the Mastronardi. Very different but also good. I really like this wine and to anger Fab, I think they make better whites than reds…..opps shouldn't have said that. Their reds are great, but their whites are superb.

So for the red only types only one more Chardonnay to go. I can't wait!!

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