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Another Chardonnay

February 1, 2009

This wine was what I served for Terry on her birthday. She wanted a creamy shrimp sauce over tagliatelli.

Well, I was at the roundhouse and John suggested this one (remember what I said about pissing off the consultants as yellow penguin would have sucked). This baby is a sub $20 French Chardonnay. Specifically from Beaune, which is in the heart of Burgundy.

Burgundy is known for 2 great grapes. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Now Gamay Noir grows in the south which is used to make Beaujolais and there is another white which you probably won't see here.

It's Henri de Villamont Chardonnay. It seems to be readily available at Vintages. So let's get to it.

Visual: the colour is a light gold and is bright and clear…good. Swirl it and you can see these great legs…Condi quality legs. This wine shows alot of viscosity…I like that.

Aroma: I immediately got vanilla. Then honeysuckle and honey. This wine is very complex. Man is it nice. I just hope it smells as nice as it will taste.

Taste: It was a very nice wine. I got hit with vanilla and smoke oak. Not alot mind you, but it was there. The classic green apple taste is there too. All in balance. This is a well made wine. There is a wonderful backbone of acid and mineral to help out. Man do I like this wine.

It went very well with the shrimp then on a second time, we had it with chicken Cordon Bleu. Now I only use thighs as they are cost effective and taste better. Both times it just went so nicely. Drink this with dinner or alone and enjoy yourself.

PS: On the second event we had the Muscedere Chardonnay after it. They were different but the local wine was there with quality. The French was was very good but only different from the local. I like that as it proves we can compete.

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