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Ok Another Rant

January 29, 2009

I have very mixed feelings regarding the LCBO. While they can give good service, with well informed staff, I just hate what they do corporately.

Do I want to have the Michigan scenario, where there are some great stores, but most outlets are party stores or grocery stores which tend to be pricey and bad.

Now some places are great and you can get great American wine. I mean a good variety of California, Oregon and Washington wines. Bommarito's not only is a great bakery and has the best subs, it has an amazing wine selection of Italian and American wines….it is a favourite spot. Merchants in Dearborn is a joy …a plethora of wine and cider and beer and and and But they are spaced quite far. Oi, there are alot of lickbos.

But, there are issues. There is virtually no exposure to local wines. Oh yes, there is Colio, Pelee and Constellation but not much else. The big boys are represented, but I like smaller wineries not these corporate types.

At the Roundhouse (it should be the best) there are 3 rows of Ontario wine, then the dreaded Cellered in Ontario fraud wine. Why, does this exist….oops if you are a pre-93 licence you get this gem and all the big boys are pre 93. Maybe they make a fortune selling “world grapes” as Canadian. Oh yes, they let them package it to look like the VQA cousin, but they are 80% foreign. You have been defrauded when you buy this to support the local economy. Not only that, most are awful and make our wine look bad, but hey, the lickbo makes their money and the big wineries buy cheap grapes and make a few bucks.

Then, we get oodles of Aussi's and Chileans and now Argies. I have no problem with world trade but come on can I see some local and maybe some other Canadian product. If local wine isn't good enough for lickbo then how about BC??? I guess these award winners aren't good enough for us. Big brother knows we only want yellow penguin and fine wine like that. Oh no, I just don't want to drink Marynessan, Lailey, Sanson or Aleksander. Nope, those aren't good. Yellow Penguin is. Get this the lickbo sells this plonk for ~12 and a League member reported that in North Dakota it goes for 6. Guess why we get that crap pushed so hard.

Then, lets see how the treat the people who are not in a specified region. Oh…they can't be there because they are treated like criminals… no VQA… try to sell it in restaurants. Lickbo will take their cut and its bigger than the winery's. That's supporting our people.

What amazes me is that our illustrious fearless leader is supposed to be a supporter of local industry but his agents (lickbo and agco)do nothing to help. They mainly hinder the Ontario wine makers. This would confuse me, but we have 2 senior cabinet ministers from down here. You would think they would work feverishly to help this fledgling industry. Not at all. I think they have lived in Toronto too long. And besides this is the great Liberal government, who only care about Toronto. I am not blaming them alone as the Tories we just as bad, but at least Bill Davis had style.

So, please buy all you can at the winery stores and **** lickbo. Don't blame the clerks as it isn't their fault (its corporate's). Besides, piss them off and when you ask for advice you'll end up with yellow penguin chardonnay (i refuse to drink it….unless it was free) instead of something good. You will serve it to your guests and they will laugh. Roasted free range chicken with real Herbes de Provence, garlic roast potatoes, asparagus, Irish butter, then plonk.

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  1. January 31, 2009 2:41 pm

    Amen Jim!
    "Cellared in Ontario" or "Cellared in Canada" is a fraud.
    It’s time the Ontario Government protected the grape growers and wineries producing truly 100% Canadian content, by reviewing the Wine Content Act and reversing the content requirements to 70% Ontario and 30% foreign.
    I invite you and your readers to join the "Boycott Cellared In Canada Wines" Facebook group. Details and information can be found here: Boycott Cellared In Canada Wines

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