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Ok Another Rant.. Localism

January 25, 2009

We went grocery shopping yesterday and I am just confused. I am not willing to buy product made in China and am amazed by how dependent we are on them for our food.

Fish surprises me. Basa was recalled as was another I never heard of. Alaska Pollock…product of China. Talapia…harvested in New Zealand product of China. Now fish is fish but why China. Our pets survived the Menu Foods fiasco, luckily it seems the latest melamine in milk scare doesn't affect us nor the bad auto parts. I can just imagine their processing plants. I still believe strongly in Chinese Traditional Medicine but am scared to what may be in there that the practitioner doesn't know about, so I've abandoned it. 5000 years of knowledge that I am scared to use…that depresses me.

I just do not understand how the Chinese government lets this happen. I will not buy product made there if I can, but what about sub-products? Menu Foods bought what they though was good product, so did the tire retailers, the people who bought the deadly children's wear, the lead paint toys.

When will we the consumer wake up and force our government to test these products before we have have another disaster. I suggest we do everything we can to buy product from countries who actually care about the safety of the consumer rather than mercantilism.

So I will continue to do my buy local theme. When we live here why do we need many imported foods. This time of year is bad but spring is coming and that means local. Local fish, local meat, local produce. Support local restaurants that buy local. I just don't think the local fish is full of illegal chemicals, melamine in the local milk, nasty pesticides and hormones in the meat, or nasty pesticides in the greens and fruits. I have a good idea what they put in local wine, but what about country X. I trust the local people and will endeavour to be even more local this year


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