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Another Chardonnay

January 24, 2009

Now that my Iggy Pop rant is out of my system, I will get back to some wine. Actually, its more of my Chardonnay voyage.

Today it's ViewPoints turn. I expect alot from their wine, and I am usually rewarded with a keeper. This wine is the Standard Chardonnay, not the barrel fermented. As I stated, I am after a lighter, less oaked version.

So let's go.

Visual: this wine has a light gold colour and is bright and clear. Add some great legs and we are off to a good start.

Aroma: classic Chardonnay nose. Green apple, a little vanilla and a hint of citrus. Again just what is expected and nothing unexpected.

Taste: just what I have learned to expect from ViewPoint. Another winery run by an Engineer, and it shows through the precision of the wine. I can taste the training in the wine. It is hard to explain, but again I see the face in the wine. Like Tanya (well all the Mitchells) and Rob, the Engineer side shows in the wine. I went thru it too and it affects my outlook and the outlook of all who go thru the fun.

Green apple shines thru just like its supposed to. Add some nice acid and mineral for backbone and you have great bottle of wine. This wine belongs where you see LENS Chardonnay. Not an oak fest, its just nice.

Drink this alone or a nice roast chicken would be perfect. Fish yes too!. Get one not too strong…like pickerel.. Very Very nice. Just like I expect from John.

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