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Its Just Wrong

January 21, 2009

I just don't understand it. Ron Ashton dies so the band can never reform again, then the can't get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I think its a conspiracy. All in 1 week.

The hall is in Cleveland, an evil state that has Ohio State University, an evil awful school. The greatest band of all time is from Ann Arbor, home of the Wolverines. Oh yes, they let in 25 cent or Run Dmc( isn't that a hospital) but not the Stooges. Oh maybe the Hospital sold more albums but who influenced a generation?

So Iggy Pop is in my hall and I have Fun House and Raw Power in audiophile vinyl. Lets see 25 cent get that!!

My condolences to the Ashton family and Iggy, just keep making great music!!!

p.s.: do another album with that Sex Pistol guy…it was great!!!

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  1. January 21, 2009 6:59 pm

    When RAP groups started being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I knew it wasn't really a real Rock & Roll hall of fame anymore.
    Unfortunately Cleveland sold themselves to the devil allowing any music group to buy their way into the Hall of Fame. That's why the Stooges are not there and probably never will be now. How else could a RAP group get in there?
    On another note, I was listening to Mike in the Morning (Formally Drew and Mike) on WRIF and they were talking about how someone was trying to get into Ashton's home to remove all of his guitars. There is some court order now that nothing is to be removed from the home right now.

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