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The Weather

January 18, 2009

This weekend was awful. It was sooooo cold that it could freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Haw!!!! Nothing rude at all. Like all great things, this one originated with the Royal Navy. On a warship the cannon balls had to be stored. The British liked nice pyramids. Well these are not stable (having lead balls rolling around is not a good thing) so they took a piece of brass and put indents on it and the lower level of cannon balls sat on/in the indents ( the brass monkey ) When it was very cold the indents shrank and the balls would roll off. Hence …froze the balls off off a brass monkey. So much for you history lesson.

The problem is that the temperature got so cold it got below the minimum safe temperature for the vines. Minus 18 Celsius or about 0 f is a bad spot and we were below that. To make it worse, there was no temperature inversion so the fans couldn't pull down warmer air.

So what's the damage. Nobody knows yet. We will see in the spring. Good things are: snow cover (insulation) it has been cold for a while ( vines are in full hibernation mode) and it didn't last too long.

Let's all hope that the damage is minimal as this year was a banner vintage and it would be a shame to go backwards with a lost year.


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