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A Tale of 5 Chardonnays

January 14, 2009

I am currently in the midst of a Chardonnay frenzy. Yes I still love Riesling, but right now it's Chardonnay.

I will review a series which I feel suit me best. I prefer lightly oaked versions so the heavily oaked species will be avoided. That includes the Pelee Island Barrique ( a great oaky one) and Viewpoint's Barrel Fermented. I've had it, but my colleague thinks its really oaky (I will try again btw) but it won't be included in my current listing.

The series will include: Aleksander, Mastronardi Barrel Fermented, ViewPoint, Sanson, and Muscedere.

The new Muscedere has been reviewed and I really like it. It may have lost that 'something' from the barrel samples (Terry managed to get a bottle in the summer), but it is still very very good. I will re-review this wine as it has now been in bottle sufficient time.

The Mastronardi is a favourite too and I will re-review.

Todays combatant is Aleksander's Chardonnay. It's a decedent of the first Chardonnay which I really liked. Several years ago they made a Barrique Chardonnay and I loved it, but not the price. Oh well.

Let's look at the present model.

Visual: my sample was bright and clear and had a wonderful straw gold colour. very nice and appealing. a quick swirl produced just beautiful legs. Another wonderful sign…viscosity is a good thing

Aroma: a wonderful nose exhibiting exotic fruits, nectarines, hone and vanilla. More citrus than apple, but the oak smells like it will be controlled…yum yum

Taste: the taste followed the aroma quite closely. I picked up citrus fruit, but add green apple too, The vanilla taste was there, along with the buttery taste and feel. This is from the oak, but the oak wasn't overdone. It was just right. This wine just felt good in the moth while drinking.

The acid and mineral gave a good backbone. Add a little heat from the alcohol and m we have a nicely balanced complex wine. It was just soo enjoyable.

This wine is a great wine. Go see the Benbems and enjoy. Just don't take a busload without warning them. Their tasting room isn't huge, but it is stocked full of great wine.

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