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A Mighty Meritage

December 29, 2008

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We did here and since I have the week off I intend to enjoy some more fun.

We had a great time when we visited the Muscedere Brothers and took home the 2 new wines. Chardonnay, which I reviewed last week and the Meritage. We had tasted both many times in the barrel and were eagerly awaiting them in the bottle.

Dinner was grilled lamb and roast vegetables. The lamb was local Ewe Dell from Schwabs in La Salle. He has all local meat….I think he gets it. Yes it may be a little more, but it isn’t factory food and it looks and tastes better cooked. I made a marinade of rosemary, thyme, tarragon and garlic and coated the chops. They were grilled with apple smoke too!.

Well no music, but a classic movie. One of great importance and fine acting. It also had my favourite actor, Sasha Baron Cohen. Who???? Well you may know him as Borat. The movie was Talledega Nights and Sasha played a gay French Nascar driver. Wonderfully bad movie. And yes the wine did nothing to hurt the movie’s importance.

Now back to the wine.

View: the wine was a nice bright purplish red. Remember that this wine is still young and will get better. When tilted I got a slight watery edge which goes with youth, but it did have legs. Wonderful Condi-like legs. What am I going to do when she retires? So it is young but has viscosity and alcohol.

Aroma: It is rich, very rich with deep dark fruit like plums and black cherry and a background of smokey oak. Not too much but in the rear. This isn’t a fruit bomb. There is complexity here.

Taste: The taste resembles the nose, but more. The dark fruit I smelled is there. So is the smoke of the oak, but added is some forest tastes. Some darkness and intrigue. Add to this a good dose of tannins, mineral and acid backbone and boy do we have something here. The weight of the wine is very good with a good mouthfeel. This wine is rich.

I tend to think that this wine could be stored for a while and only get better, but with me its fine now.

With food its a winner. It joined hands and sang Kum Ba Ya with the lamb and was just as happy with the roast vegetables. This is a great Meritage and worth of the Bordeaux style. Roast beef, venison, duck would all be wonderful. 

So, I guess you think I love it. Yes I do, and only wish it was 2.99, but hey, there isn’t alot of it and it is good and not too dear for special occasions. 

We at Chateau North Ridge will enjoy the last 2 bottles we have and then we will go see Rob and Fab for more. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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