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Well Worth The Wait

December 21, 2008

So much for global warming! Well the wee ones will like the white Christmas, but I would rather see fifty degrees.

Yesterday, Terry and I went on a road trip to Harrow. Yup, the big city. Got some food and some wine. It was good to see others out in the weather, but I liked the slower pace.

Well more red from CREW. I really like them and then to Muscedere. Chardonnay was the grail we pursued. You know that we had been waiting rather impatiently for some and Fab had promised me to have some in December….well yes and no. We get there and what, no Chardonnay. Ok they will bottle some for us so there is ONE case available….run run for some.

Dinner was simple comfort food. Lobster pasta, nice creamy sauce with grana padano cheese and some lobster broth from the tails shells.

Music was Alison Krause, which is just wonderful.

Now the wine. We’ve had this in various incarnations and this is the final one. There’s not alot of it available and it is very good. It has a minimal bit of oak, but it is so slight that one should not think of it as oaked. 

View: nice bright light gold color. And legs, they form slow and then go. This is a good sign as it implies viscosity and maybe a good dose of alcohol.

Nose: I get gobs of green apple and some citrus. This is classic Chardonnay. There is something going on in the background which makes it mysterious. It may be the oaking that some of the wine got ( some was aged in older oak so little impact). If I tried I tasted it but it may have been suggestion ( I did this at my seminar at the wine fest and it was amazing when I mentioned pumpkin in the Cab Franc…everyone tried to get it then some did then I told them….its the same effect with the wine wheel and those lists of what you “should taste”). So far so good.

Taste: The taste mimicked the nose. Green apple all over the place and some mysterious notes that give complexity. The acid was nicely balanced and there was a wee bit of mineral for backbone. There was a good mouth feel ( the legs and viscosity ) so there is some body to this wine. At 12.5% alcohol it isn’t overpowering. The acid gives a nice clean finish which aids it with food.

Food: It went very well with the lobster pasta. It held up to and cut thru the cream and cheese. This is a food friendly wine, which is suited to drinking by itself or with food.

We have had this wine thru its maturation and while it has lost the vibrant tropical fruit it showed in the summer it has matured into a great Chardonnay. We now have several excellent Chards in the county with this one joining Aleksander’s and Mastronardi’s as my fav 3. I haven’t had Viewpoint’s Barrel Fermented yet (I really like the un-oaked one alot) and if you like oak go for Pelee’s barrel fermented (Terry doesn’t like it due to the oak level).

So how can I finish this. This wine is great and we have a case. It will get better as it was bottled while we waited. If we wait till New Year’s this wine will get even better. Bug Fab and you may get some too.  

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