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cab time

November 22, 2008

Today is a typical lousy day. Cold, cold, and more cold. I question why my people came here. It’s not that I would like to be a southerner, but a more temperate climate might have been nice.

But anyway, last Saturday I was supposed to finish my term paper..I did and Terry was out so what is a boy to do??? Being me, I wanted to see some friends so it was off to Muscedere. I really like Rob and Fab and they do make good wine. My typical: “ I have 20 minutes” turns into an hour and I get to taste from the barrel (good stuff coming btw) and I leave with some Sauvignon Blanc and the news that Meritage is out in early December along with……Chardonnay!!!!!!! Oh Happy Days…It should be great cos it was in the spring. Then it was off to CREW. The were so rude when I showed up late hahahahaha…I’m joking. I was having an Oprah at that snooty French store moment, and I got there at 5:50 on a Monday (on my way to class and they were driving up the driveway) so I just had to get some Cabernet/Merlot…. I felt it necessary, yes my duty. It’s really good and I was determined to have roast beef that night so….. Well I found out that their Riesling was chosen to be the official Riesling at the legislature. But have no fear, as I was told that there is an ample supply left for us.

I risked life and limb to get a roast from Schinkel’s in Essex. Remember what Mario Batali says: “get to know your butcher”….. Well a great roast and they gave me some suet to keep it moist…merci beaucoup.

I salt and peppered it, then browned it well. After the smoke cleared, I bunged it in the oven with some carrots (used as a raft), fingerling potatoes, local (down the road) fingerling sweet potatoes, onion, garlic and sweet potato squash (from down the road too!).

Well, dinner comes and it is Tony Bennet on the stereo, then some of Rod Stewart’s standards. Its amazing how well he does these great old songs.

So the wine….CREW’s Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot. For me this blend is exactly what I shouldn’t like. It’s what they make on the left bank of Bordeaux where one wine critic and his buddy the ubber consultant thinks the best wine is made. That alone is enough to make me hate it (watch Mondovino and you’ll understand). Add in that I agree with the Sideways guy…Pinot good///Merlot bad: so why do I like this so much????

Visual: it pours a nice brownish red and has legs galore. That’s a good sign and add to that when you do the tilt the glass thing the color stays to the edge (try this to look sophisticated as a good red has color to the edge…watery edges aren’t good). So far so good.

Aroma: it smells of deep dark fruit, lots of blackberries and plums. Add my favourite old ball glove smell and there are hints of spice. Remember my Cab Franc thing a few years ago??

Taste: this wine has nice tannins..they aren’t too strong but there with ample acid. These make it good with food. Add some mineral and it has a backbone….good good good. Add those berries from the nose with plums and raisins and we have a good wine. Not to heavy like wine should be btw. A great finish and what do we ave. A great wine.

This wine is definitely one of my favorite wines. At the price point its a steal and I wouldn't hesitate to serve it to the Queen.

Buy some and enjoy with roast beef, duck,or lamb. I wouldn’t abuse it with Cajun food but I would drink it by itself. Oh yes some nice cheese too….and…. and


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