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OVA Comments on My Rant

November 2, 2008

This was sent  to me today from Larry Paterson of OVA. Interesting stuff

Hi Jim
many thanks for the comments you posted on your blog, hope you don't mind I'm posting this information to the members of the Ontario Viniculture Association.
The intent behind selling wine at each others stores was from a small fruit winery in the middle of nowhere, that has virtually no way to sell its wines other than on the back road in the middle of nowhere that they are allowed to exist on.
They wanted to be able to sell the grape wines from a distant (relatively) Ontario region if that winery (all grape) would sell their fruit wines.  Just kinda a small situation, but it would have to be rigidly watched.  Probably a non-issue if the fruit winery were allowed to sell to restaurants without LCBO raping them on every transaction… I guess we gotta pay for those LCBO
and bonuses somehow
You mention LCBO support for Ontario, take a tour around some of this information:
I noted that someone sent you the information about OVA, it is all online at   
I'll add you to the list of people who get the releases directly, unless of course you email back saying "I don't wanttem!" or "Screw off fatboy!".
There is no way that 58 small to medium wineries would band together if there were not severe problems.  These range from stupid stuff such as grass fields occasionally used for parking being zoned and over-taxed as commercial or industrial to serious ones such as the Ontario Government currently spending millions of dollars buying good quality grapes in Niagara that the big companies won't buy (they only want to sell Cellared in Canada – why would you pay for Ontario grapes when you can buy unlimited quantities of foreign crap for 30 to 50 cents a litre and sell it to unsuspecting (DUMB) Canucks as "Canadian" wine?  And this while they allow Cellared in Canada because there are crop shortages?  And why does LCBO push these instead of real Ontario wines?
many t'anks (a wine, fer shure)
Larry Paterson, lfw, rd, adcc
(Little Fat Wino, Roving Drunk, Alcohol Distribution Channels Critic)

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