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November Restaurant Review

November 2, 2008

We always wanted to go to Bistro at the River but it took until lately for us to do it.

It was Sunday and Myles had just had his Confirmation and Terry wanted to treat us all for dinner. It was very quiet but it was a Sunday and Windsor is in a recession so I guess it was just a slow day. 

When spring comes try the patio as it is very nice, but till then the inside is where the action is. The decor is rather hard, which seems to be the fashion. Nowhere near the Gordon Ramsay restaurant, but harder than one is used to for Windsor. It still is nice though. The restaurant is rather small too.

The view is really nice with the river being right there. I have issues with a restaurant in Dieppe Gardens which I feel is sacred ground but using this space this way is way better than the old ugly building. It doesn't degrade from the memory of our fallen heros. 

Parking is easy with the lot right there.

The menu is varied but not too big, with chops, pasta, steaks etc. Prices are the standard rates so there are no surprises.

The wine-list though is a surprise and a pleasant one. ALL LOCAL. Prices are very good and when we were there they had an 'off wine-list'  Mastronardi Gewurz for only $19. Other choices are fairly priced up to $50. Check for off wine-list specials.

The service on two visits was exemplary. Our waitress was polite attentive and friendly. 

The food…Appetizers were the calamari and baked brie. The calamari was done as one ‘flower’ and was great. Cooked perfectly and was wonderful. The brie was also very good though I attacked the calamari which went so well with the Gewurztraminer. A switch to red Pelee Island Cab/Merlot Reserve $24 was carried off flawlessly.

Dinners: me…venison chop with blue cheese potato cake…..excellent

              Me mum… veal chop with sweet potato fritters…very nice

              Terry’s steak….very nice

              Terry..steak…a New York I believe with fois gras (I stole the fois gras)

              Myles…lamb chops…very nice

The quality of the food was very good and the presentation was very modern but not overdone. All in all the food was very well done. We will be happily going back.


Food Quality                    excellent

Portion Size                     just right

Service                             excellent

Cleanliness                     very clean, but I didn’t go to the washroom to verify but the  kitchen was visible and looked good

Value for Money             very good

Score:  96

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