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November 1, 2008

I received this from a friend and would like to share it with you and add my 2 cents worth. This situation is simply not right and has an impact directly on our area as our wineries are all (except Colio and Pelee) are hurt by this.

It appears that if one was licensed after 1993 you get the shaft. Why??? Well our leaders report that 40% of sales in Ontario are Ontario wines yet 1/5 of these are VQA. Hmmmmm…Well let me get my slide-rule……sorry I was ciphering….5 goezinta 40.. 8 times so VQA wines have 8% of the market. Boy are our friends at the licko helping out an industry. So what is the other 32% (used all my fingers and toes there). Would that be “Cellared in Ontario” which isn’t local at all but kinda looks it. Now if the post '93 wineries have to use 100% local fruit how do they do this???? Funny our US cousins have something called “the equal protection clause” in their  Constitution….. Would the shafting be against this???? It appears to me that there are 2 sets of rules.

Now it gets even worse if the winery is outside a VQA region as they get stiffed on selling to restaurants. Oh yes…comrade Dalton charges non VQA wines horrendous fees (just to allow them the honor to be sold) to sell to restaurants. Well the lickbo does no work rather than allow the privilege to be sold. Does this remind one of the policies employed by one, Al Capone.

I really question whether VQA is needed anymore. It seems to be an animal on to its own with powers it never should have. Reading their web-site they sound so nice, but do the meet todays needs. Wines rejected because they don’t “meet” the proper character of the varietal. I know of two that have had multiple rejections, but are fabulous and way better than alot of VQA approved products from Chateau Pepe LePuew. Why must a winery VQA all their wine anyway and ‘what if’ they wanted to do something ‘weird and wonderful’ that VQA would certainly not approve of. Remember that there is an “approved” list of grapes. So if I wanted to make an odd Chard and they don’t like it but I do and my customers love it…what right do they have to stop me…ok I could still make it but they will not ‘approve” it(ergo no viable restaurant sales). I think our local wineries make good enough wine that the don’t need Uncle Dalton telling them what is good. Let the market decide.

I agree with all the proposals except where they propose allowing wineries to sell other wineries wine. It just doesn’t seem right to me and could cause many messy situations, such as disputes over display, wrong info, pillorying the other’s product etc. Just allow Appellation Wine Stores and be done with it.

The current system is non-functional. The lickbo seems to still think that the are the #1 buyer of wine in the world..not true…Tesco in England buys way more. Our illustrious government makes ~ 300% roi on the lickbo by making it selling cheap wine from Chile and Australia. Yellow Penguin is ~ 5 bucks in parts of the US and 12 here…Why would they sell local wine? Morality, ethics…no way, its profit. 

WE AS CONSUMERS MUST DEMAND that the lickbo sell and promote local product and help the post 1993 wineries. Prominate displays, all Canadian stores (including BC wine), shelf space and motivated salespeople. As we live in a socialist province, our masters should want to nurture the local producers and create jobs here .  We even know how they make the wine here (dictated by VQA) and I will bet my bottom dollar that there is no melamine in local wine…wine from other countries, I’m not sure.



RELEASE # 6, October 2008

Please forward this to anyone or contact your choice of news provider.


Wineries established after 1993 must use 100% Ontario fruit in their wines and can only sell from their winery location, which must be where they grow the majority of their crop.  While restaurant sales are allowed, sales of non-VQA Ontario products are not financially worthwhile in this channel because a disproportionate amount flows to the LCBO.

Ontario Viniculture Association (OVA) members have suggested the following improvements applicable only to 100% Ontario grown wines:

allow the same financial treatment for all wines sold to licensees

allow an additional offsite retail license per winery

allow wineries to sell each others products

allow separate stores selling only 100% Ontario grown wines, open to all wineries

revamp & equalize all winery licenses, allowing all players the same benefits

allow the sale of any Ontario wine at Farmers’ Markets

set up artisanal wine sections at LCBO stores, applying any government rebates equally to all eligible wines

Any movement by the Ontario Government on any of the above items would be a positive help to small wineries producing 100% Ontario Grown Wine. OVA will address some of these specific issues in upcoming information releases.

The Ontario Viniculture Association welcomes all interested parties to join with us.  

Ontario Viniculture Association

Jim Warren

Larry Paterson


Vice President



OVA is an organization which has 56 Winery members as of this information release.  

A minimum of 80% of this membership voted in favour of providing this information. 

Please communicate your thoughts by emailing any of the following:

Liberal Party – Dalton McGuinty  HYPERLINK ""

Conservative Party – John Tory

New Democratic Party – Howard Hampton  HYPERLINK ""

Green Party  HYPERLINK ""

if you want to comment and not join vox email me at

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