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Kiwi Heaven

October 29, 2008

It’s been a while since I wrote and I am sorry, midterms, work, elections, Kwame going to jail, and Liverpool beating Chelski to go into first place: I was just overwhelmed.

So tonight I just relaxed. I will bet I passed my midterm last night, which means its time to do a term paper. But tonight, its just Myles and I. So I made a man’s meal. Tofu burgers…NOT….actually grilled pickerel and basmati rice. No steak???? Nope wanted a nice wine like an Oyster Bay….but had none so settled for a Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. I remember when this wine made a splash. I was happy, as my ‘wonderful ex-wife’ had returned to England and I was free! Divorce papers framed proudly on my wall and Macallan’s in my liquor cabinet. I had discovered Oyster Bay then Kim Crawford, which was rated higher and always costed more and still does. These two are Sauv Blancs par excellence and are wonderful with seafood. Very different from the local ones or Californians, I still love em.

Music is John Coltrane’s Blue Train, another of m favourites. It goes with the wine, brassy cool but still wonderful and thoughtful.

Food was grilled pickerel and basmati rice. Love pickerel and had a wee bit of blackening on it. Couldn't ‘go for it’ as Myles is still a yute and his milk doesn’t cover big spice for him. Unfortunately, I overcooked it by about 40 seconds so his was perfect for him and mine was ok.

The wine…. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand

Visually its a light straw color and has legs to die for. I would mention someone’s who has been tainted by having Larry Flyntt make a porno about her(a Condi character was in it too btw and no I do not have it), but Terry would get mad at me again, so let’s say the legs are just fine.

The nose is amazing, robust ,strong but not over the top. Picture a fresh cut lawn, covered in kiwi, with no pollution… fresh fresh fresh.

Taste…First you get hit with grass, then mineral then kiwi. Oh my this is nice. The taste stays for ever. Nice acid nice mineral , oh boy do I like this. Let me stop here, this wine is wonderful.

With the food it went quite well, but it slightly overpowered the fish…to strong and it didn’t extenuate the sweetness. I would still do this again.

Try this one and then try some local Sauv Blancs and see how different they will be. I like them both and am just chillin now.

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