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A Little Help

October 13, 2008

It is thanksgiving and I need to help some friends choose a wine that goes with the bird. Since they are all League of Gentlemen members, they do really need help.

Swiffty is our pal, but thinks all the wines I like are “Girly Wines”. Well swiftmiester, you just can’t have Baco Noir with turkey. No No No!!!!!

Let’s not put you in girly purgatory, so no white wines, No Riesling, Gewurtz or Chardonnays for you.

How about a nice Rose. I think you would look just so cute bringing that to the table and it would work. Seems everyone is making one these days, but I still like Summer Sun from Erie Shores the best. Ok, pink wine is just not right, for you. Ok, lets try a Cabernet Franc. It’s light enough and would work. Everyone down here makes one and the are all good. 

How about a Pinot Noir. In reality I think that it is your best choice and yes, it will maintain your macho status. A wee bit in short supply due to consumer tastes, you could maybe get a Sprucewood (nope sold out and I got the last), Muscedere (almost sold out), Viewpoint (sold out I believe), D’Angelo (not sure), Colio (probably not) and Pelee Island (get the Reserve).

So to Swiftty….Pinot Noir and save your manhood.

Sir Rod is a great guy, but he has one major flaw. He is a devout Tottenham Hotspur fan. That my friends is almost as tough as being a Lions fan. To Rod, Zinfandel and/or Bull’s Blood is not good with turkey. No, the Georgian wine will not work either. So what does he do for wine?

May I suggest something suave and cool. A really good Chardonnay. A nice oaked one with great butter tones. Four come to mind immediately. Pelee Island Reserve, Aleksander, Mastronardi (to die for) and if you knock on Fab’s door and ask nicely get some of the Chard that he refuses to bottle. 

If he tells you to leave a second choice would be Sauvignon Blanc and theirs is big and beautiful. Locally its getting harder to find, but Smith and Wilson makes a beautiful one.

And then there is Riesling and Gewurtz. These are no brainers and would be wonderful and you get those…”they make this here?” remarks. This route would certainly work with American relatives, as their wine tends to be a wee bit sweeter. Also good for wine novices.

So Rod…..  Get a nice Chardonnay.

And last, but not least APP, my agent. Not a wine lover so I will give some options. Martinis and/or Single Malt are not good choices with Turkey. Besides you don’t buy The Macallum. All your choices would be wrong anyway.

Beer, my friend is the answer. But not any beer. A fine choice would be Pilsener Urquell from the Czech Republic. This fine creamy beer is wonderful. If you can get draft, enjoy even more. A second would be Budvar. Per the lawsuit, the cannot imply that Budevice, Budvar (same beer) is from the home of Bud-wieser or imply that there’s is the Real Bud beer. Both came from the same town and one is good the other sells quite well. These two beers are very similar. Hops bitterness and taste. These would go great with turkey. Think how they cook there and how we do a turkey…similar (food and cooking style and it works together).

The odd shot would be Bell’s Oberon from Michigan. Wonderful is the only way to describe it. It would grace any table anywhere. It would go well because this beer is great. 

So there is my help to my friends and maybe it can help you too!!! Bon Appetite mes amis!!!!

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