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Eastern Market

September 28, 2008

Yesterday was a wonderful day, filled with exploring and today having the fruits to our search.

Terry and I went to the Eastern Market yesterday. I just love it as it is a “real” market filled with farmers, wholesalers and regular stalls. I just love going there… Try Hirt for a kick…its so cool, but a throwback, but thats half the charm…the other is great bread, cheese, pate, coffee, tea, oils, vinegars yada yada yada. Try to get a cheese list as they only show the specials on the wall…. Try some Malaga (aged goats cheese from Spain…yum yum eat em up)

The reason for out trek??? Amish butter, the nectar of the gods, and maybe some real chicken. What did we get? Irish butter… is this stuff good….Terry says that all the good resorts in Jamaica serve it and it was one of her tests. And yes its that good… it’s like Lactantia on steroids…so much more flavour and get this …about the same price in Detroit….oi. Well it looks like the Amish have competition, but their butter was about $5.50 but the log was huge and man its still good…but the Irish is just so Irish. Its like Irish Single Malt Whiskey, smooth lovable and sweet, kinda like some girls from the old country that I knew in Toronto years ago. Oh well now I have another problem as that comment will be added to the ‘legs like Condi Rice’ one that stung me.

Amish chicken: yup, got some, from a favorite stand where I bought lunch often, and tada, an Amish duck. I fretted how to cook it but I am going to turn it on a spit on the bbq. Maybe a little herbes de provence and oil….yum yum. Add in a cauliflower from Murray’s (probably picked this morning and potatoes from down the other way… I can’t wait….except that I have no idea what wine to serve. Meritage, Pinot, Nebbiolo, Cab Franc. Oi and I’m low on reds…I must search one that I hid (from myself). I’ll let you know how it goes.

It amazes me that I can buy premium chicken for less than production stuff here and get this, Amish fresh turkey for less than the frozen store brand here, Something is wrong. The farmers aren’t driving Mercedes Tractors so who’s making the money. All I know is that we the consumers and the farmers are getting hosed. That’s why we all need to buy from each other and bypass the middleman who must be the one getting rich.

I am just so excited waiting to start cooking T minus 15 minutes…..must find a suitable wine.

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