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Oopsy! I got the wrong one

September 25, 2008

I have survived the last month or so. Presentation at the Wine Fest, presentation and exam for my wine class, work, a wedding, and basic life. It reall dragged me down.

Tonight I just wanted some wine, so I saw an old friend and grabbed it. A nice D’Angelo Cab Franc. Well, It was a Sprucewood…when did I buy this???

Dinner was a burger, sweet potato fries; both done on the bbq and a beer…yes I really like a beer or a cider with a burger. I just can’t get into wine with burgers, hot dogs or fast food… oh well.

Music none as Terry is working so its the tele for now.

Well lets go to the wine…

Visual:   deep red colour

              Great legs- implies good viscosity and alcohol…not a lightweight

              When tipped  45% the colour stays well to the edge…good sign!!

Aroma:  dark, herbaceous and smoky

              Green peppers, leather, prune plums

              Very nice

Taste:   moderte tannins and good acid

             Some heby notes with oaky backbone

  This is not a fruit forward wine…its there but not up front.

Conclusion…this wine is very nice and well made. I am surprised that it is a Sprucewood as the wine is bigger in style than their usual. I tend to like the delicateness of their wine and this wine is one I like as well.

Obviously a food wine rather than a quaffer, I would take this wine with duck, lamb, turkey(turned on the bbq) or a nice veal chop.

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