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What A Wine Review

August 29, 2008

A wonderful evening to relax. If this is a recession, I am afraid of good times, as I am just so busy. I did a presentation on Georgian wines Monday night and managed to get a few laughs and hopefully showed that an old established wine making area doesn’t have to throw away all its traditions and make a Pommeral. The Georgian stuff is great if you like BIG wines. Bag an Aussie Shiraz and get a manly wine…they drink out of horns there. If it was good enuff for Joe Stalin…

But tonight’s wine. It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and wrote a review. I rue that I wrote quite a few and then deleted then. A few in the bush would have been handy lately.

What wine at this time. This is a great wine from D’Angelo. It’s his 2002 Pinot Noir.

I am currently listening to John Mellancamp’s “Big Daddy” which is simply a wonderful roots music album, and on vinyl, it sounds so lovely.

Back to the wine…

Visually it is beautiful,,nice brick red tint. No watery edge when you tilt the glass and look at it..very nice..Legs like Condi Rice. It is just a beautiful looking wine.

Aroma…funny I get tea tones..a good black tea. All the hues were dark, dirt, cherries, plumbs but black. This wine isn’t fruity. I get old ball glove from little league. Complex and beautiful.

Taste: there is alot going on but the taste ends faster than I’d like. Good tannins and acid. Very balanced. I get the same tastes as I smelled. There is a nice minerality. I like this wine and it’s a bargain.

I have had one of Sal’s old boys. It was past it but it was oh so good. This one has aging potential as for Sal this is a baby. It’s only 6 years old.

Partner this with grilled salmon, pickerel, chicken, veal, and yes…even lamb. This is a big Pinot and a very good one.

It’s my last bottle and well I enjoyed it!!!

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