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Join Me at the Wine Fest

August 29, 2008

Wine Fest is coming fast and I am going to do a repeat performance in the speakers tent….when??? 3 on Saturday, sandwiched between Mike Pinkus talks. I met him and he’s a pretty good guy. See him and you may learn something….my presentation…forget it. You must know more than me.

My topic is “ Fun with Franc. A Whimsical Look at a Great Grape”. What is this about???

Well, since I find most lectures rather clinical, I want to have some fun…you the audience…well I hope you laugh too.

Cab Franc is a great grape, which we do really well, and I just want to show it off a wee bit. If you were at my talk last year this is a logical succession as I want to expand to reviewing specific grapes. This year its Cab Franc. I will have samples, and show a few ways to enjoy the wine. Hopefully I can make you laugh (my brother won’t be there so I have a chance). I have a few surprises which Pete the Younger ( my manager ) has made me keep secret.

So come on out and help me prove that I should come back for another year and next year (Shelley permitting) I will do a Riesling thing.

So its Essex Wines 201 Cab Franc… Fun With Franc.

Hope to see a there and hoist one for me.


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