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August 21, 2008

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a concert, but last weekend I went to a great one.

We saw Great Big Sea in Akron Ohio. Akron is a really nice city: clean, tidy, nice people and cheap. BUT we had trouble finding food…not alot of restaurants or wine stores.

The concert was at Lock 3, a downtown park. $5 was a bargain. Wine $4 a glass (8 oz) and beer was $4 too. I like that.

They came on and looked a little confused. About 2000 people in Akron (this was there first time there). Not alot of Newfs there I tink. Alot of Canadians though and several Nfld. flags. Cool.

Well they played like demons and just had alot of fun. I need to check a Buffalo concert report because the mentioned that it wasn’t good. Well play they did. Alot of the new album and alot of good stuff from the past. A mix of traditional and modern.

What was great was that they looked like they were having fun. I have seen alot of concerts and this one may have been the best!!! It seems that the whole place was dancing.

All I can say is that if they play Akron next summer we will be there…..I will research restaurants (I know that they have some..somewhere) bring maps cos we found none and wine…well we know where Acme is (good wine section). We’ll go to Amish land for cheese and stay at the Quaker Inn again….its the old Quaker Oats silos…really cool.

Grab some of Great Big Sea’s music and enjoy maybe the best band from the East Coast and yup the best band I have seen.

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