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Ok another rant

August 19, 2008

I was part of a conversation and was most likely out of line, but hey, I never was one to keep quiet.

Two items…1) why is it assumed that I must like big reds??? And 2) why do people take reviewers  as gods??

There is an idea that wine-lovers evolve to red wine lovers. Not me….I prefer whites. Yes I admit it…I guess I am not evolved. I don’t eat food friendly to those tannic monsters. I rarely eat steak and would eat fish and chicken mainly, with lamb of course! If I prefer whites then it is my business and this concept of a pyramid of goodness with big reds at the top is bull poop. Oh, its a modern thing as Riesling was the top guy last century and the Queen likes it now. Drink what you like….just match it to food well. BTW you can match beer to food too. When I find a wine list I don’t like I look to beer. A Belgian wheat beer goes great with fish…that lemon taste works well.

I really hope that nobody takes my views as gospel. I just like what I like and like to write about it. I have a problem with those who act as they are word of goodness. People revere a certain wine reviewer as a god. He isn’t. He has very strong views on to what he feels wine should taste like. It is a Californian taste and by the power of the pen and a lemming like following, he is changing what we drink. I find it offensive that countries who have centuries of winemaking and local grapes will slavishly try to make big fruit forward merlots when their local indigenous grapes make better wine, but nobody wants them. Well a certain magazine would award them a 0.

The question is…… will wine globalize into one generic form which will mimic the wine of Pommerel? Good wine but I really like variety. Why do Tuscans need to make Pommerel style wine when the local grape can do so well?? I have nothing against it but the local Sangiovese ain’t bad.

Will we have franken food to go with our franken wine??? I hope not so I will stick with wineries which are proud of what they make. If you haven’t gone to go to Mastronardi (across the street from Colosanti’s) and see/hear what I am talking about. They are adamantly proud of their wine. The should be, as it is very good. I just can’t see a mega winery from Bordeaux, South Australia or California being as proud. Frankly, I cannot see a mega winery caring as much about their product or their clients. What we get at the lickbo are the big boys. The don’t care about us, locals do.

It’s the same thing with food as wine. Buy from someone you can talk to. Do you really wonder why I rave over certain wineries? I meet the winemaker see the passion and know the are making the best they can. I realize that it is a business, but passion shows thru. Just like factory farms, factory wineries blow chunks.

So, read what I say, agree and/or disagree and use some of my ideas as research and not fact. Take our own journey and enjoy food, wine and friends.


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  1. August 28, 2008 7:14 am

    First of all, thank you for using a white background. Much easier on the eyes. About Mastronardi's Estate Winery, going there is such a pleasant experience. One feels welcome and learns a lot. Yes, there is genuine passion there. And yes, the products are wonderful.

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