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People Please

August 10, 2008

Why are people so rude these days? I am very concerned that our civil society is on the decline. I will give 3 examples:

At a local winery a few weeks ago and a large group arrives. The came in waves and basically abused the tasting bar rules. Then an older fellow walks to the counter and says " I get three drinks…make them all this and all at the same time…I need to catch up". Well I was surprised that he actually had the gaul to say that and that the server controlled herself.
In Bayfield, We were checking posted menus. I like to do that and I feel it is my right if said restaurant posts a menu. We were looking then this "lady" goes to the server…I think she came after us but anway…and states " do we wait to be seated or is it just ignored". She was really snotty, and had a dog. So she had to have a edge seat so that either she or her husband could walk the dog. Why bring a dog to a restaurant??? This isn't Germany and btw…she wasn't German, just a pushy, shrew with no manners.
and best of all. We went to dinner on Thursday to Kourey's Kookhouse in Essex (review to follow). It's in an old house and thus in a residential area. Well, some neurosurgeon decided to park his/her car basically across the driveway to the parking area. We 4 wheeled around it and made our way in. Weather wasn't great but this ignorant fool probably cost them 5 tables. It was still there when we left. The owners probably were afraid to upset a neighbor so they didn't have it towed.
What is wrong with people. Maybe I don't want to risk a billion dollar fine on the bypass so I stay relatively close to the speed limit. That doesn't entail someone to practice their nascar manouvers on me or try to push me to go their speed. This is like every day now. 
I am just tired of our lack of manners. Maybe the schools could push this as they seem to push little else. Just a please, thank you and no death looks. The express line is not for people with 25 items. I pointed this out to someone one day and I think I was put on the Al Queada hit list. 
To our manner-challenged friends: please remember that others live around you too. We are not there to be your vassels and manners worked for years and can still. Oh yes, man of our actions are illegal btw…ask Kwame what happens when one gets naughty. 

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