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Happy Holidays

August 6, 2008

What a wonderful weekend. Terry and I sent Myles off to camp Sunday. We had to go to Bayfield so that meant going thru the wonderful tat-fest which is Grand Bend. Why would anyone really want to go there if said person was over 30. We went thru a 1 hr traffic am to get past the strip and were amazed by the number of older people. Amazing, as Grand Bend offers nothing to me. Well we were late so we managed to drop Myles off at 4 so it was time for an early dinner/late lunch. Bayfield is a wonderful place. Great restaurants and shops, kinda what I thought Niagara on the Lake would be prior to going there. I realize that the wineries have restaurants, but I was truly disappointed with the town. I really don’t think fine dining involves souvlaki.

Well, I didn’t feel like French food, so we found a little Bistro… The Black Dog. Really nice yet the wine-list was expensive and not my favs…but mainly Ontario so that’s good.

I had the trout…very nice and Terry, the curry. Both were excellent and the service was very good. With appetizer and drinks it was ~90 so not bad.

Why am I talking about this….tI think that Bayfield could be the model for the “Gateway to Wine Country”: the title I think A’Burg wants. Good restaurants, shops, and pomposity like Niagara on the Lake.

The cars were domestic but nice so It wasn’t a BMW crowd. Just slightly older normal people who obviously have money and taste. I am doing a study of vehicles at wineries and there are differences. It is very interesting.

Nice shops casual, and not too pricy..a good combination.

This may be the way to go.


We also went by a Meadery in Alviston. Munro’s Meadery.  Mead???? Honey wine. Possibly the oldest alcoholic beverage.  This stuff predates beer. They make various types and you would be amazed at the taste. Not what you would expect. The Blueberry blend tasted like good Sherry and it didn’t give me a migraine (the last one gave me an immediate one) and just so neat.

I will test one soon. They are obviously a honey farm and make all sorts of honey products. Why do I talk of it??? I just want to impart the idea of trying something new. Fruit wine, cider, Belgian Trappist Beer, sake, or even white wine. Try…you may like it.

Take me…I hated Chardonnay then had a good one and said oh I like this (stupid me had like Burgundian White…aka Chardonnay for years…oi). If oak is used judiciously it is very nice. 

Don’t be stupid like me.  


Saturday was Highland Games day. Very good event. These guys have it down. But they are the oldest Highland Games in North America. Its alot of fun and again we saw some great bands. Tartanic was great and check them out if you see them……really energetic Celtic music with a twist and NeedFire, from Dallas. I just wonder how one gets bagpipe lessons in Texas. Modern Celtic….love ‘em,,,bought 2 cd’s,

The point of this is we went to the Oak Cafe for burgers and cider. A cool place in Wyandotte, which is a ‘beer of the world’ place. Why, oh why, does uncle dalton not let us get a medium rare burger??? I know he knows what is good for us. The province is going to hell in a hand-basket and I have to go to Detroit to get a decent burger. Dalton, I am an adult and can make a decision….just make it job 1 to put violent criminals in jail….let me worry about burgers.

Why can’t we make craft brews? Our Yankee buddies are making really neat beers and ciders all over the place and obviously having fun with it. Dalton, are you listening cos all I hear are vintners bitching about the lickbo system. What I don’t see is a micro brew culture…we used to be proud brewers. I sound sour but I’m not.

Oh well…hope our weekend was as fun as mine.

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