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A Happy Riesling

July 30, 2008

A truly awful day. Hot muggy, too much work to do and tired on top of it. Terry took Myles to the show…ABBA..Yahooo!!!!!!! I was given a I made dinner.

Music was Thelonious at the It Club and now some Oscar Peterson. What a wonderful musician. Actually both were.

Dinner was grilled Pickerel and new potatoes. I had some alder wood chips so there is a hint of that sweet smoke.

Wine is Colchester Ridge’s Riesling. As you know I love Riesling. Be it from Alsace (by far the best), Germany, Austria, California, Niagara, or from down the street. All are different and have their charms. A grape that seems to reflect the soil it’s  grown in. I just love them and so does the Queen. And if it’s good enuff for Liz, it’s good enuff for me.

Well let us start by looking at it.

It’s a wonderful golden color, not too dark but bright. When swirled it just hangs there then quietly flows down in nice little rivulets….that’s a good thing.

From the nose I get some minerality (riesling gives off a rather dieselly smell…don’t worry it isn’t unpleasant and is seen as a sign of goodness) and pears….nice local pears. There’s some floral notes. In all very nice indeed.

There is some nice acid in this wine and some minerality on the finish. The finish just hangs in there for a long time. Enjoy this wine slowly as it just is nice. The fruit is there in balance and I again get pears and some citrus. The mouth feel is nice and round–just how I like it.

It just is a nice wine. There is enough there to have it with some jazz or chamber music….no kid rock pulleeeese!!

Food wise it mated up well with the pickerel. It accentuated the slight sweetness in the meat and had enough acid to clean up. Very nice indeed.

So what can I say….I love Riesling. The prices are good and I would rather drink them than anything else. So please go buy all the Baco Noir you can and leave the Riesling to me.  I would be just happy with that, but in all honesty, I think that our locals make really good Riesling and you should give it a try.

Salmon, chicken, pork, sausage, cheese (I like it with like a triple brie or goat anything). This is a wonderful wine that needs to be enjoyed with music, food and friends.

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