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Food Rant

July 27, 2008
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This is my first blog on my new home. So what do I talk about? Food of course!

In reality is the supermarket evil? Our friends in France think so, yet the manage to have one, if not the largest ‘hypermarket’ firm located there. Is the supermarket killing local farmers? Another operation went down this week, but is the model wrong?

The model of importing most of our food is simply wrong. The Chinese dog food incident clearly shows that. How can we ensure that the food we buy from China/Mexico/Vietnam comes to an acceptable standard? 

The latest jalapena pepper situation clearly bears this out. Why do we constantly have salmonella outbreaks from Mexican produce? What are their standards? Do they follow them? That is the part that really bothers me. Will a country that has little regard for human rights and the rule of law enforce food safety standards? Will they actually care about what they export? The Chinese certainly have shown that they have no concerns.

So how do we protect ourselves.

Simply buy from your neighbors. Yesterday, we went to buy a chicken. On the way we went to a farm to buy some meat. Father Wants Beef is a dumb name, but Terry went to school with him (we found that out when we got there) and I bet he doesn’t want to poison us. He would lose customers. It is not a large operation so care is taken. 

Then since we weren’t far, we went to Sanson to get some Berkshire pork. Locally grown and I bet it isn’t full of drugs. It may cost a wee bit more but it isn’t factory food. Here they sell their beef, Berkshire pork, fresh produce, eggs and of course wine. This, my friends, is my idea of heaven. You don’t need “organic’ you need real. Real wine, real food and they will be getting chicken soon. I love it, my search for ‘run around chicken’ may be over. Thank the lord, pass the Riesling.

Well we finally made it to Schinkels…local butcher…find one and support them… for our chicken, then apricots from the local stand. Hell, the even had a day old section. Yes a day old…it would take  week for food to hit the supermarket.

Now consider the lives of their workers. People do not risk their lives to illegally enter China or Mexico. It must be awful to live in those places. America basically uses slave labour in the form of illegal immigrants to pick their food and do menial jobs. Do we want to support that?? 

Go to Leamington on a Sunday and I bet you feel like you are in Tijuana. But guess what? They are legal, well paid and basically not abused. If we can do it America should too.

Another simple thing. Avoid factory farms. The animals deserve to have a life prior to slaughter. Crammed into a factory is neither humane nor good for the environment. More drugs are needed which I bet is just peachy for us. With all the antibiotics we ingest we all should be health right?? Wrong!

So, here’s my model: buy from farmers. If their farm is a shithole, go somewhere else. If the farmer looks like he cares, buy from him/her. They don’t want to kill you. And guess what, this profit center for the farmer keeps them in business. Our money stays local to buy seeds, food, equipment etc thus bettering our local economy. Spending money at Sanson or Erie Shores allow these people to expand, hire people, buy more equipment thus improving OUR LIVES.

Sending the money to China for substandard product ruins our lives and may kill some of us. 

I want to both eat better and keep farms alive. The supermarkets need factory farms and don’t care about their impact. Ma and Pa Kettle do though. A majority care and if we lose all the small farms we are doomed.

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  1. August 3, 2008 12:50 pm

    Hey Jim….a tip.

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