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Winery Visits – Tuesday July 17th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Well I said that I was going to stay away from wineries for a while….well I lied. I blame Terry as she made me go…yup she forced me.


We hadn't been to Colchester Ridge for a while so we had lunch at the marina then headed to the winery. The marina is an interesting place. It is much smaller than I thought. The patio was much smaller than I had envisioned but the food was good and they had local wine available. That is a good thing as I see this marina as ground zero for my Ohio strategy and finally somewhere to eat while we are in Colchester. A nun was there while we were so that's a good sign…I think??? We'll be back and I hope Ohioans will be too. There is a nice spot for a few rental cars there too.


Well back to the winery. I lauded their original strategy to release a limited amount of wine at first and getting them right. This year they have expanded on that theme and have shown a lot of progress. New is a Sauvignon Blanc. I was quite happy to see one and this one is very nice. It seems milder than some but has BIG citrus notes. Under casual drinking I found it very nice to drink, not too big but with real nice citrus and floral notes. I am glad to see a winemaker going a different direction from the herd. The new Gewürztraminer at first taste seems better then last year which is a nice step as I liked last years. It seemed more peppery like it should be and a wee bit rounder (by memory). This will be a winner.


The reds were excellent and I look forward to tasting them all. The range is the classic Bordeaux grapes and various themes on them. Judicious use of oak and guess what?? I tasted pepper notes which I find in the area wines. Wow terroir!!!! I am looking forward to trying the wines I bought and definitely want to get more.


One other thing they have done really well is to have a list of restaurants where their wines are served. Now, people like myself can support restaurants who support our local wines. All wineries should do this.


On Sunday, Terry and I went looking for a bite on the water. We thought….hey Wheatley should have something… they don't…and that is a waste. So we headed east and stopped by Smith and Wilson. Any reader knows that I really respect what they are doing and besides they are nice people.


I just don't know how they do it, but they keep introducing new wines and they always seem to be good. Either he is a much better winemaker then he lets on or he is lucky. What I taste isn't luck.


A new Riesling (crisp and good), a new red, Clearly Red(quite nice), a Viognier(far far better than I thought one could do with that grape), join the already large lineup. And to Miguel, the Double Barrel is as good as ever. He awarded on six of eight wines he submitted so I guess others think he has got it right too.


They have added some tables outside so that one can enjoy his vineyard and that my friends is a good thing, as It is beautiful there.


As supporters of restaurants who sell local wine, they have adverts for the “good restaurants”. We picked up an advert for a restaurant near Rondeau. Hey it was only 20 minutes more up the lake so we headed out. Well, guess what??? We got lost. I turned right instead of left and ended up in Erieau. Where's that??? I don't know but it looked like Jimmy Buffet could sell the place out. Very casual, cool, but we wanted Rondeau. So we kept the lake to the right and I stressed as I worried about bears and other vermin. Well another ½ hour and we got there. It is a very casual place who are just outside the gate of the park, on an old marina that seems not to operate, but it is on the water and has a big patio. They have an extensive and I mean extensive local wine list. They hit about half of the wineries and great choices from them. They stress local ingredients so we got what I expected from my type of restaurant: featuring pickerel and perch (as they should as it may be the best we have) with some salmon and of course some red meats. We had an appetizer which was excellent. A multi dip with a lot of the good nacho chips. I had the pickerel bits (which were superb) and Terry had the perch dinner (she really liked it too). Both were done well and we accompanied them with some Smith and Wilson Sauvignon Blanc. Well we had 2 bottles as the music (Jimmy Buffetty again and it fit) was good and we just didn't want to leave. Oh… The place is Dove's and we really liked it. They need a better map…or I need gps…that more so. We will be back……nuff said.


Well I have a bug so no tasting today so I will have some reviews soon. So many wines so little time.

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