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Winery Report – Tuesday July 15th, 2008

July 26, 2008

Sunday was a beautiful day so Terry and I decided to go to a couple of wineries. So off we went.

We hadn’t been to Mastronardi for a long time so it was time to go. They love their wine and so do I, and being so close is a blessing.

What is new. Well the have a new line out which is value priced, but from what I had, is great and a great value. I always liked the idea of a 2nd line as it allows the winemaker to cherry pick grapes and make the top line even better. The value then happens in the value line in a good year as ‘the left over grapes' could be great. Check these wines out as the are surprisingly good. Oh BTW just wait for the Vidal as the barrel sample we had was unlike any Vidal I’ve had…and the Baco….

But to the good stuff. Their Barrel Fermented Chardonnay is to die for. Enough said and the new Gewurtz….well I am waiting for Gewurtz 2 as this one will certainly have a great shot to retain the title as best Gewurtz. The wines there are just very well made. The reds just keep getting better too.

Good to see that the are going from very good to very gooder. Keep it up.

Then off to Smith and Wilson. If you haven’t been there go. The view is wonderful, the Smith’s are great people and the wine is beautiful.

The are out of Double Barrel…a pity.., but there is so much more. Syrah…yes , that Southern French beauty whom the Aussies have made their own, but theirs is just so nice. Some spice, big but not, ‘in your face’, a wonderful wine. Then there is the Voignier, another French grape which makes a wonderful, soft, delicate wine. Last year’s was wonderful but now they have a bone dry one to go with the slightly sweeter one. Both are so different but both are great. What can I say. The wines reflect the owners/winemakers. They are nice, classy people who make very nice, classy wines. If ever wines reflect the winemaker…theirs do.

So, it was a wonderful day. I just enjoy being around motivated positive people. Thank you guys for making my week…oh yes being with Terry all day was nice too!!!!!

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