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Wine Region’s Epicenter? – Monday September 18th, 2006

July 26, 2008

If you read this regularly, you know that I firmly believe that the wineries will spur growth in the area. It has begun and the epicenter is not where I expected.


It seems that Harrow will be the new heart of the wine region. In the Star they talked about the proposed development in Colchester. While tso and I went to Erie Shores, we took a look at the area. Well there are a lot of  sold signs about around the Colchester Tavern. I worry about developments that are forced and not organic but I wish this group the best of luck. The area needs something and if this is done right it may have a very positive impact on development. We were at Colchester Ridge and a couple was asking where to stay. Its typical and maybe this development will help. Funny, they must have been from out of town. Tourism???? Food???? Shopping???? All go together.


Well we through Harrow to take a look. The old restaurant and bar on the corner must have been sold as someone was working on the building. Another development, another bistro???? Well well well. It may be a smidge early, but it is happening. Will the Harrow Fair become the social event of the year????


Well of course we have nothing to offer tourists. Golf anyone????? Wineries????? Historical Sites???? Well we've got shopping, eateries in Amherstburg and Kingsville, and some touristy places like Colosanti's. The area has some great festivals and yes the casino. Mark my words, this is just starting.

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