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Wine Fest 2006 – Tuesday September 12th, 2006

July 26, 2008

Another year another festival. This one was excellent and I hope was a smashing success for the organizers.


Let me start with the venue. Fort Malden is a beautiful site for this event. The immediate area is beautiful and the fort has such a pretty area along the river. Keeping the tents along the battlements allows the river to be a showcase. Somehow it reminds me of a northern California festival as it just has that feel. Like last year I truly enjoyed myself.


The food. Well it was even better than last year. More restaurants were there which made a lot more fun. I have to apologize to Richard as I really intended to get some of his sushi but I promise I'll be back to your restaurant. I intend to do this even though I really hate going downtown anymore. It's just the kids, the noise, the dirt and the stairwells that smell like a full portopotty, but I feel a real need. Well there are two reasons, La Cuisine and Hikari.

La Cuisine: I eat their food at all the festivals but I've never been there. It may have to do with the fact that my ex-wife thought chicken wings were haute cuisine – yeah that is it-well she's been gone for ages but its my excuse. Well the tso is so much more civilized, I will have my chance. Well after the mussels I'll be there.

Then there is Hikari. Richard does a real good job with his Japanese fare. I was afraid of it, but he went out of his way to show me how good it could be and that me, yes even me, could use chopsticks. Oh and the sake. Yum yum yum. Well I turned Richard on to Muscedere so I guess were square.

Well it was really nice to see new restaurants there BUT THE LOCAL FOODSTUFFS – still wasn't there but oh well. Well the Leaminton restaurant(not sure of the name) had perch so I guess that was local and that was really good to.


The wine. there are a lot of new offerings out there.


             Viewpoint was there and this was my first chance to get some. I really don't know if they are open to the public yet but we tried the Pinot Grigio. This was really nice and didn't have the bite of most. I really like it and if it makes a good price point it should sell like hotcakes. If they can get it out the door for $12-14 then I really can't see buying any other nor should restaurants look to others either. We had this wine with the perch and it worked very well. It was able to cut throught the friedness and complemented the inherent sweetness of the fish.


            Sanson: we ran into some friends later in the evening wh seemed to have a Sanson forest on the table. Dennis should be able to buy a new Jag from what I saw there. That's great because Sanson makes great wine and deserve it. Guess I didn't see any new offering from them but oh well it tastes quite good so there.


            Smith and Wilson: well they are at it again. Several new wines and I just couldn't drink them all. Had the gamay blend and was flattened. It was very good. It was lite and fruity just like it should be. A winner, and now he has a rose, seems to be a trend and his was an excellent effort. There were a couple of other new ones and  you know I can't remember them all. All I can say is take the ride to Blenheim and enjoy his wine. he is a great guy and just loves what he does. His winery is gorgeous too.


            Wagner: Harold is a character and he shared with Smith and Wilson, another character, but they really love their work. Harold is plying with some cherries and the man is winning. He is making different beautiful product. If you live on the east side, you are very close so give him a try too.


            Well that was it for new offerings (at least to me) but some of my favorites deserve mention. I really don't know how Erie Shores managed all weekend. I couldn't have taken it. It wasn't bad but La Cuisine was next door and man did it smell great. It just drove me crazy when I was talking to Alma and he multi-winery assistant. I mean I would have just kept eating and with the fois gras at $12 I would have been poor quickly. I bet it got a lot of people to her booth too so I guess it was good thing too. By the way her blanc de blanc so good with La Cuisine's mussels and fois gras too. Kudus to Muscedere too. This was their first and I was already forcing the Riesling on the red wine crowd I was with. Its great that they were friends of friends so they couldn't tell me to get stuffed. Well I honestly think that their Riesling just tastes so much better than any baco out there so that's my defense and I stick to it.


            One thing that was truly wonderful was the pride shown by all the vintners. It was obvious and it showed. And it wasn't just the new people. It was people like Carlo Negri, who I kept seeing standing by his wine like a mother hen. Damn I was too intimidated to try some, what if I made a face, breathed in a bug and coughed or didn't like it?? I mean he knows so much more than me and I would feel soooo stupid, so I just didn't try any. But anyhow the pride was everywhere. From Rick Williams, greeting people who came to his booth to get glasses and aprons to the bubbly Vintages lady who just seemed happy to be there. I guess that is what made it so much fun. Cool music, good people and displayers who had pride in what they displayed and wanted people to like their wares. Pease keep it this way.

            Well it was a great event and I am waiting eagerly next years. Congrats to the organizers as you have done a wonderful job.

            And to the vintners: keep making that great wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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