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Where is my food? – Monday August 7th, 2006

July 26, 2008

Where are the heritage vegetables???? What does this have to do with wine??? everything I say.


If one looks to any of the wine regions in North America one always sees heritage veggies. Why?? Because good restaurants always go with wineries and doing food with local, fresh vegetables and produce is the way to do a "local cuisine". That movement comes really from France and Italy and makes real sense. The food and wine develop together over the years forming a symbiotic relationship. Think Tuscan wine and one doesn't think of foi gras, but make that a fine Bordeaux. Think Chianti and one thinks of pasta Bolognese.


Think Napa and that fresh new world style of fresh local  goodies comes to mind. A whole cuisine grew up out of that. Niagara- well it's the same story – the restaurants grew around the wine and now they have a style that is becoming their own.


Well here it hasn't happened yet. Have you seen heirloom tomatoes and other old style produce around. Well I haven't. I know we are too young a region but we have to change our ways. I'm hoping that Viewpoint will change things as it should bring the region to a new level. I can only hope. As it grows ,quality and heirloom veggies should follow. Face it food was better before factory farms. We used to know  and trusted who made our bread, grew our food and raised our meat. Well I'm third generation buying from "the chicken lady" as we affectionately referred to her. Her family cared that I enjoyed their product and always got me good stuff. Bakery – where have they gone?? Add to that a good butcher. My favorite moved his shop and I feel deprived but at least I can go to Giglio's for my pasta and real Italian goodies. But we can and will do better.


It's not my intention to slag off the local restaurants but I see the big guys are  doing their thing well but are not doing a "local'thing. Go anywhere and do you see local wines on the lists of the big guys. NOPE. The rotary club would rather support an unexceptional Australian winery than support local wineries at the lobsterfest. If I recall what they served correctly I could find at least 10 local wines that are better and cheaper. That sucks real bad and shouldn't happen. WE NEED TO HELP EACH OTHER. At least in the old days every hall served Colio. Haven't been to a wedding lately but I hope it hasn't changed.


One local restaurant is getting it. They are really trying to feature local wines and food stuffs. This is what we all should be doing. They buy local meat, produce. wine and grow their own herbs. Where may this be??? The sprawling metropolis of Cottam. It's a place called Calabria Pizzeria. Local food stuff isn't that hard but they are really trying to feature local produce and wines and guess what— they didn't need Gordon Ramsey to tell them, they just get it. Windsor style pizza and is quite good(that is hard for a boy that grew up on the old Arcata, Capri and Sam's) and is at least at that level. Fish is awesome and home made ice cream. This is as far as I've gotten on the menu as I'm just too satisfied. They just have fun doing it and that is obvious. It definitely isn't noi but its good food at good prices and its grown here. Add local wine et voila we got the leader of the grow it local movement. I bet that isn't their goal they just know it's the right way.


Kudus to john and Linda, may you start a trend.


Let me know if others are doing this cos this way we can grow a "local'cuisine and when our area gets noticed we'll have the food to go with it.

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