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View Pointe is Open!!! – Tuesday December 12th, 2006

July 26, 2008

Last weekend tso and I had some time and thought it would be nice to visit wine country. It was a nice day so off we went. The purpose was actually to go to View Pointe as last weekend we noticed that they had an open sign up.


Well, I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of this winery. I have heard everything from there are 23 wines available to all wine will be over $40 a bottle, to it'll never open.

All these rumors were wrong.


Lets start with the pricing. Relax; it is in line with the other wineries. Prices are all below $20 with most in the mid teens. Whoosh, that took a load off me as I find it hard to justify expensive wine when there are so many cost effective ones out there.


Varieties: there are quite a few but not as many as I had heard. It was rather adventurous to open with a lot of varieties, but what I tasted was quite good.


Like Sprucewood, I will review later but give impressions on what I had. Remember they aren't allowed to serve too many so I only tasted the ones that interested me most.


White Wines


Auxerrois–now nobody else makes this and it tasted rather nice. If one of my league of gentlemen colleagues hadn't waxed philosophically about drinking it with the winemaker at Chateau des Charmes years ago when it was still in a barn, I would have known nothing about it. It is slightly spicy and is really nice. It reminded me of Gewürztraminer in a way.

                        Bought some


Chardonnay-tso liked this on


Riesling – I had this one (gee who'd a thunk I'd have the Riesling) and it was ok. I really want to try this one again. I felt I had ‘missed' something when I tasted it

                        Bought some


Pinot Grigio – had this at the wine fest with La Cuisine's mussels and it was rather good. At that time I thought it was $25 – 30/bottle so I was harsh on it but its 15 so it's a good value for the money.


Red Wines


All the reds we tried had a wonderful nose. Not wimpy, not too strong, just right. Congratulations.


Cabernet Merlot-didn't try it


Cabernet Sauvignon – didn't try it


Cabernet Franc-huge nose for a Cab Franc. A lot of body too and I really liked this one. One of the best in the county.

                        Bought some


2002 Cabernet Franc – even better than the'04. it was much more refined, nicer nose and wonderful taste. This one was only available for tasting and that makes me sad. Will wait to get some when more is available.


2002 Pinot Noir-BRILLIANT!!! Was that woody, purply color and smelled wonderful. I cannot wait to open a bottle. Nuff said

                        Bought some.


Now the winery is very nice. The architecture is not at all what I expected and when it is 100% decorated I'll probably warm up to it more but again it is a really nice building. There is a huge demonstration kitchen with a beautiful view. The view, the view, its great from the retail store also. Had an eagle fly by too!!


I suspect that this will end up being the destination winery we really need down here to make this region go. They will be offering the extras that the city folk will need to come down from Toronto and it will be a great place for a reception.


All I can say it was worth the wait. Another excellent winery to raise the bar down here to higher level.

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