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Various and Sundry – Wednesday March 28th, 2007

July 26, 2008
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By now I guess all have read about the Menu-Foods fiasco. This brings several issues to me and causes much concern.

Why are we importing wheat from china? Do we not grow enough? And where was the quality control department? How does this impact human grade food?

Quite simply stated can we trust food coming from third world countries who allow practices and use chemicals which we will not allow.

There is a movement, Green actually, that wants people to shop for food grown around their homes. I advocate that as it will be fresh and hopefully safer. If you know the farmer then hopefully he will not poison you. It just seems scary that we buy food from all over the world and suffer. Hepatitis from Mexican onions and contaminated spinach from California.

I do not advocate trade barriers, that got us the Great Depression and WW2. Maybe we should check better, be careful and just buy as much as we can local.

Luckily vlad eats nothing from Menu Foods….sometimes I wish Sasce did, but she is being so good tonight…she knows I’m pissed at her.

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