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Update to Captain’s Log…Stardate Jan 30, 2007 – Tuesday January 30th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Well if Captain James T Kirk can update his log, so can I. It's funny, Bill Shatner may go down as Canada's finest actor. Not only as Kirk, but playing himself in “Free Enterprise” and producing two truly exceptional albums. 'Transformed Man' in the sixties and 'Has Been' rather recently. Now 'Transformed Man' is rather odd and if Mr. Spock hadn't released his albums it may have gone down as the worst of all time. 'Has Been' though is a work of art. Done with Ben Folds it is funny intelligent and inciteful. A wonderful Canadian product. What has this to do with anything??? I really don't know but I needed to add an addendum to yesterday's post so James T came to mind cos he always updated.

Well I decided to go shopping after work and bought some local pickerel. Well, it comes from the lake and Smith and Wilson is on the lake. Like the grapes talked to the fish and they got along. Do they on the plate??

I had a long day so I needed a pick me up. The pickerel looked oh so good so I bought it. Dusted it with some Old Bay and pan fried it in butter. Along with that is some basmati rice. I toasted it in some butter and turmeric with onion then added my stock. I like doing it that way. I wanted to put some Glenn Gould on the stereo but I couldn't find any albums, so it's Oliver Jones. Yes, a Montrealler like Bill Shatner, contemporary of Oscar Peterson, taught by Daisy Peterson and a nice guy( I met him). Fabulous pianist who plays…like Oscar but in his own way. Good swing.

Now the partnership between the Sauvignon Blanc and the pickerel was godlike. I am amazed loved it. With Oliver swinging, sasce(my cat) nowhere to be found, I am relaxed. The wine just is soooooooooo nice and the pickerel worked so well. I love both. My head is bobbin like Stevie Wonder to the music and I have a smile on my face.

The nose is like a spring morning, just after you cut the lawn and pick a melon with maybe a kumquat bush nearby in bloom. Its wonderful, and so laid back. It isn't “in you face” but saying “hello”.

The taste just grows and lingers on. This wine doesn't go away. I want that tird who wrote that Sauvignon Blancs are awful to try this one. There is body and depth to the nines. No harshness just grass, fruit(take your pick on the type) and then just niceness.

I LOVE THIS WINE!!!!!!!!!!! And I just envisioned Sophia Loren (circa 1960) crushing grapes in a peasants dress. This wine has just won my seal of approval as I don't see her often enough.

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