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TSO’s Revenge! – Monday February 12th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Well you had to know that this was going to happen. Tso felt that all of my movie selections were guy films and I should do a few chick flicks. I tried to explain, but to no avail. As much as I tried she didn't accept that Braveheart was a love story and I forced her to watch Annie Hall so it didn't count either. Well being somewhat intelligent I gave in so here we go.

My first choice is a movie that I felt would be awful but I really enjoyed. Ok its 2002's Under the Tuscan Sun. The scenery was wonderful and the characters were well played. It could have got real stupid but they managed to keep it together. The 'gay and away' tour was pretty funny and made a great vehicle. When Sandra Oh (possibly Canada's finest actor/actress, even better than Bill Shatner) came to join her the movie got even better. The wine is an obvious one. A Tuscan and maybe a nice Chianti Classico. It would just seem right and then this movie is good enough to complement the wine.

The second movie is one she forced on me. I am not a Tom Hanks fan and only tolerated him in the Davinci Code. He is really pompous to me and I just couldn't take him in Private Ryan. He just seemed so wrong. Well it was You Have Mail. So it is/was and always will be a stinker. Predictable syrupy and basically awful. My choice again easy. Any overoaked over done Australian Chardonnay. Those beaver treats could be the only thing I could hate more than this film.

Back to the positive with Bridgett Jones' Diary. It made sense and was funny and intelligent. Rene Zellwiegger was really good in this movie and actually made a convincing Brit. This movie wasn't great but it was quite enjoyable. I actually could watch this film again. In as much as this movie is light fair without a lot of body, so what wine. It must be a white and chillable and slightly fun. A serious white wouldn't work nor would a Gewürztraminer as the spice would conflict. A good choice would be a Pinot Grigio. Our area is making some good ones now so head to Muscedere or Mastronardi. Yup both would be a good choice.

The fourth and last movie is really two. Tso really doesn't get this film but I think it is brilliant as have the pundents. Released in 2002 it was Keira Knightley's breakout film. Directed, produced and written by Gurinder Chadha, Bend it Like Beckham is a wonderful cross cultural film. The main character, Jess is a fan of David Beckham and wants to play soccer. She plays in the park and Keira's character meets her and has her join the team. Jess's parents want Jess to be a nice girl and so does Keira's mother who worries that her daughter isn't feminine and is going gay with Jess but both are smitten by their coach. Well Jess' s father shows a great deal of love and understanding and her friend Tony is a great friend to her. Well all turns out well. Gurinder followed this film with a big movie, Bride and Prejudice which was a Bollywood/Hollywood hybrid. Also very good. Its great that she can make a great movie without gratuitous sex or violence. These movies harken back to the old days and prove if people can act and have a script you don't need to make it into a porno. Both movies shoot me to run for a Gewürztraminer as the spiciness of the wine could stand up to the Indian flavors of these films. So try the one from Colchester Ridge of Pelee Island Reserve. Both would be a good choice.

So there you go I've kept the peace and gave you some more 'chick flick' choices. It's Valentine's Day soon guys so you'll have to take a hit for a movie so these may help the pain be less. Ooops did I write that, well I'm in trouble.

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