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Thursday January 21st, 2008

July 26, 2008

I wrote this last Tuesday…I’ve had trouble posting it..sorry

Last weekend was the London Food and Wine show. Despite the frigid weather we decided to head there. And boy was it cold. It was really cold.

It was held at the fairgrounds, but the signage was really poor. We ended up at the wrong building but realized it was across the street… maybe all the cars should have been a hint, but the banner shouldn’t have been at another building and a proper sign would have been nice. Oh what a pain am I, but I am sick today so I can be bitchy if I like.

Cost to get in was really fair ($10) and they worked with tickets rather than cash so that was nice. Made life simple.

The local wineries were well represented and seemed to have been really busy, especially on Friday and Saturday. We were there Sunday and everyone looked a little tired. It was good to see the Pelee Motor Inn there as people will realize that we have hotels here.


Lailey Vineyards — wonderful Pinot Noir…it was of the “delicate” variety … I agree as it sounds better than saying light . We’ll be going there next time we are in Niagara

Nickel Brook Brewery– the showed a Green Apple Pilsner which was really cool. They say its an old German recipe which involves mixing lightly brewed cider with beer. It was really good and we are looking forward to somehow getting some. It’s not available west of London, but if you see some try some…you’ll like it….I hope

Rush Creek Wines — they showed some very interesting fruit wines. We really liked the strawberry chocolate wine which was just soooo cool so neat.

Anthony Sedlak demonstration. He is the fellow from “The Main” on the Food Network. I was never really a fan, but I have a new found respect for him. He really seems to know what he is doing and is rather funny.

Food: It all looked good and I couldn’t decide so I had some of Terry’s cassoulet. Now I always wanted to try it after seeing the French Leave Episode. Now to another topic…John Burton Race was the Michelin Starred chef who took his family (six kids and wife) and moved to the south-west of France for a year to find himself…well I thought he was a good guy, but he turned out to be not so nice…left wife #2 and 6 kids for new squeeze who had his love child…wife #2 promptly closed his new restaurant while he was in Australia with her…good for her…bad for him….English divorce laws are tough and 6 kids…oi


I was very poorly treated by one wine merchant. I know that I am not a David Beckham look alike but that does not mean that I could be a customer and maybe that French pinot I tried was expensive but I have bought Grand Cru before and this wasn’t …oi. Maybe he just didn’t like my Liverpool scarf…I only have 2 scarves and I won’t wear my England nat’l scarf till Beckham plays again.


What was nice was that there weren’t the usual vendors you see at home type shows. You know the miracle mop et all. It was a very adult show.

Well we had a good time and only hoped we had a show like this one. Oh I just hear you screaming Epicure, but the vendor costs are too high(I keep hearing that from all sorts of people and from someone at the show), the location sucks,,,I just love asphalt when it’s 110 degrees out and its just too crowded. It used to be fun.

So we’ll be going next year and maybe I’ll get to go to Joe Kools after.

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