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This is a good one! Monday October 22nd, 2006

July 26, 2008

I ran into a little wine that I must share with you. On Saturday tso and I happened to pass by Wagner Estate and decided to see if Harold had bottled his cider yet. As you read this it should be bottled and maybe for sale. I can't wait.


Now for anyone who hasn't been there, Wagner is a very interesting place. It's east of Manning and just south of 401 so it's really close to the east side. He makes real strudel (just wonderful) pies, meat, turkeys, cider, fruit wine and grape wine. How this man manages I don't know, but this isn't all he does, it's just what I am aware of.


I asked what was new and he said "have you tried this?". Oh boy, what did he make now: a sauvignon blanc. Really I thought, this could be really good or just awful.


I've always loved sauvignon blancs, possibly because it was always kind of an ugly stepsister and as such was cheaper. Everyone was drinking oaky chardonnays so being the contrarian I am I found sauv blancs much more cost effective, The best tended from New Zealand, but I really liked the ones from South Africa too. Now it's a French grape, but I never could justify the prices so I've never had a proper French one. The best ones have citrus notes and hints of grass. The bad ones have hints of paint thinner that seems to be lit.


Tso and I opened it up after dinner Saturday night while watching a movie (The Prophecy-Christopher Walken as the angel Gabriel) It prospered from the good company. Vlad slept as he had spent the day at the puppy spa and Fritz just hung out.

We had a really nice Barrique Chardonnay from Pelee Island – very cost effective-go to the winery to get this one as it was/is worth it. So it wasn't the first bottle but it wasn't the third, fifth, or sixth and it wasn't following 2 buck chuck.


Upon tasting it at the winery, I thought there was potential, it wasn't harsh and I noted some citrus and a lot of grassy notes. When we opened the bottle, I was bowled over. It was excellent!!!! Grassy note, citrus, it was all there. Tso looked toward me and she noted the same thing. This is a bone dry wine that doesn't have a note of harshness. Now if you don't like bold wines, don't buy this. This isn't California style, it's all there. Just like his fruit wines, Harold is letting you taste the grape, no muss no fuss. I really like this style as you get to taste the terroir. Now this is the French approach and I have to agree with them. No oak, nothing, just visions of a 20ish Sophia Loren hiking up her skirt and stomping the grapes. This one got me there. I just want more.


The more I drank of this, the more I liked it. It got better with each sip. I wish I had bought a case. Like I said earlier, I have drank sauvignon blancs for years and this is one of the best. I would rate it up with Kim Crawford, or Oyster Bay, way better then the Fume Blancs from California. I'm really serious here, this is really good, and a serious contender for best wine in the appellation. Nuff said.

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