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The Social Event of the Year – Tuesday May 15th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Last Monday Tso and I had the opportunity to attend the prime social event in Cottam. It was a benefit for the Horticultural Society held at Calabria. I can only hope the beautification plan can be as good as the food. Linda looked glowing in her new chef's jacket. If I made food like that, I would be proud too!


The wine was sponsored by Pelee Island and none other than Walter Schmoranz was present and offered his wisdom and with wine choices to pair the food. He chose some really fine wines: all but one from the Pelee Island VQA, in simple words …the good stuff. Several would be wines that wouldn't have been my usual choice, but we were pleasantly surprised by them and will buy them. A Merlot Cabernet blend which both of us loved, a Merlot that we felt the same. Especially nice for me was the Sauvignon Blanc, which they refer to as “The Ladies”. We went to the winery Sunday and I had to buy some. Considering that I had bought way too much wine by then, it was a fitting tribute(funny thing I still really think we shared the tasting bar with one of the chef's from Restaurant Makeover…she has a really bad tattoo on he palm so I kept looking at her hand, but she kept it closed…I saw her on tv last night and I really think it was her). It was a wonderful evening.


I even got introduced to Walter and he is an exceptional gentleman. He took interest in my blog and was interested in the wines I liked. It made me feel great that a man who is so important valued my opinion.


May I suggest 2 things. 1) go to Calabria and get some good food and have John explain his wine list. Its on a white board and John writes it himself and he's added so many wines (all local btw) so the writing is too small, but its fun. It changes all the time , but the food is consistently good. Go a few times and your family. Doesn't get your food faster, but you get to visit with John and Linda and 2) visit Pelee Island in Kingsville. The wines available in Kingsville are World Class. Forget about the LCBO. Go there and get some Meritage and you will improve your life. It changed my view on wine.


I just hope Tso and I can get onto the regular list and off the waiting list for next year.


PS: I was pleasantly surprised with their new Eco wine which was an Auxerrois/Chardonnay blend…this was quite fresh and crisp with a nice spicy note….this is a really good summer wine.

The ice wine was also very nice…it was my style which is to say not too thick and sugary….It was wonderful with desert.

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