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Tetra Paks – Monday June 26th, 2006

July 26, 2008

Well, I am giving over to the dark side. Seems app wants to proof read me as I have made a spelling mistake or 2. See the blog word processor has no spell check. Or one I can find so this is on word. Ok everyone, I've capitalized, against my will because I hate word and don't know how to make it just type what I want instead of that damn paperclip.


The star ran an article on something that doesn't bother me at all but seems to rile up many of you. The LCBO has decided that the future of wine sales is in tetra paks, those lovely little juice containers that were available just after I was a kid. Well they are putting wine in them. I've bought some Chilean red and really see no problems. It falls on the cool meter, and for an intimate dinner I would not proudly put a tetra pak of wine on the table. Bottle or carafe only. Actually I remember bringing a box of that rabbit wine to a friend's house as a gift and he just laughed at me. Well I did it as a joke and I guess it worked.


But seriously what is the problem here. I put my reds through an aerator, and as such I always decant so if I can save a buck or 2, I just don't see the issue. Whites may have some issues as the tastes are a tad finer and well it just doesn't seem right.


One thing to remember is that this marketing scheme is being done for wines that are meant to be drunk young. I've seen a pinot and some merlots and the various plonk that we don't age, aren't supposed to age and aren't meant to be good wine. I just can't see buying a $70 Tuscan in a tetra pak. I just couldn't do it.


I bet that these will be limited to value wines, that is below that magic $12.50 mark and to get you to buy they will give you a liter rather than 750 mls. So don't freak, the tetra pak isn't the mark of the beast, it gives us some savings which when used with an aerator allow us to enjoy some more wine and that's ok with me.


Ok, now that bill's evil child says all my spelling and grammar are ok, I want no more bitching

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