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Super Secret – Sunday January 14th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Several weeks ago tso was able to procure some prototype wine that is not quite available yet. It will be soon and when it is I suggest you buy as much as fast as you can. I'll keep the vintner secret for now…only tso and I know.


Well this wine is something that I should have hated. First it was a chardonnay which until recently I basically refused to drink (due to all the over-oaked paint thinner that only the Aussie's could make so bad) and on top of that it was oaked.


Wait until it comes out and the oak will be exposed. Let me say the oak is definitely not the wood chips which are now being used by some evil vintners which give that awful taste. The chosen oak has a real impact on this wine. The nose of this wine is oak. It smelled like fine furniture to me. It had a luscious, rich aroma which made me worry that this too was way over oaked. No No No No!!!!!!


The initial taste was a rich, chardonnay taste with the vanilla overtones of the oak. But it wasn't overpowering. It was right on. Perfect. There was no harshness, it just built on your tongue then faded away. All the oak was there but in no way does it dominate. This in no way resembles an Aussie oak fest nor the swill from California that tastes like a tree. It has restraint in droves. The standard chardonnay is very nice: add this oak and its great. There is less oak effect than Aleksander's which is another fine example of restraint.


What can I say. Tso loves it and feels that this will be the best wine in the county when it is formally released. I cannot argue too much but there is stiff competition from Wagner's Sauvignon Blanc, Muscedere's Riesling and Sanson's Bird Dog. All I can say is that I will buy a case when it is released.

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