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Summertime and the Living is Easy – Tuesday July 10th, 2007

July 26, 2008

As I write this its only 95 and humid so I guess this is nice and cool now. Well summer is here so I guess we just have to wait for a storm to cool us down.


In summer my choices in food and wine change quite a bit. I really tend to eat even less meat and head straight for the fish monger. As such I tend to drink a lot of white wine as the mercury rises.


I will share a favorite with you. And this wine is really odd in the fact that I simply prefer the cheaper ones. The expensive ones tend to do nothing more for me than the $7 ones. From Portugal I give you Vinho Verde. As the temperature goes up this wine just performs better. It is light, unpretentious and happy. At its price its a bargain and one can happily serve it to ones friends and not feel guilty and save the visa at the same time. A winner if ever I saw one. It goes great with seafood. Make paella and man this wine just works (had 2 bottles after the Liverpool game in a Portuguese restaurant on College (Toronto)..yum yum eat em up)…nice paella…well the Portuguese version. Pretend you are in Portugal, serve up some seafood on the patio and just smile. Those little bubbles are great too. It isn't carbonated but has these wee little bubbles. I find all the cheaper…sorry cost effective wines from Portugal some of the best bargains in the world. Again choose the cheaper ones as they are really good and will surprise you. The Mateus people actually makes good wine. I haven't had the rose for years but they make a pretty good red and white.


The next is no surprise….Summer Sun from Erie Shores…it is just so nice on the patio. I can't say enuff about this wine.


Gewürztraminer: my favorite type of wine. Give me a crisper one for the summer, like Colchester Ridge or a slightly rounder one when it is below 90. I'll take the Mastronardi or the Pelee Island Reserve. These wines are crisp and fresh and go with the spicier fare that summer seems to bring out. They have enough acid to work with food, but are still very drinkable alone. I am very happy with what we make here.


Pinot Grigio: since everyone likes this wine, I have to give it props. It is crisp and fresh and just works in the summer. We make some great ones too


Its funny, but two of my favs just don't work for me over 85. I love Riesling, but I like the rounder ones and it just can't be like today for me to really like them. Same with Sauvignon Blanc. It goes great with food, especially fish but I really like it better when it is a wee bit cooler. Maybe I can have it this weekend with some pickerel.


And of course Champaign. Mumms Extra Dry. Actually, Prosecco, Friex, or any number of new world ones. I was clued into some Aussie bubbly and will have to get some. As usual I am overstocked so I've got to get through some cheapie stuff I bought for a brunch before Ican buy some more.


So there are some of my summer choices. Put some shrimp on the que, pan fry some pickerel or perch and just live well. Keep cool Baby!

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