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Summer is Officially Over – Monday September 18th, 2006

July 26, 2008

Summer is officially over


Well summer is officially over. I guess it is fall now and all those great festivals are done for another year. Grapes are getting picked and wine is being made.


But the last weekend was the biggest for events that I remember.


Erie Street had another one. Guess I almost went there as we had a league of gentlemen get-together on Friday night (down the street). One of our members is going to sea so it was a going away party. How does one manage to get on a sailing ship for 6 weeks or so sailing the south Atlantic. I'd really like to know. If he comes back with a hook for a hand, drinks rum and a parrot on his shoulder we know his life has changed for good. Its funny; the Royal Navy used to kidnap its sailors from the finest pubs in the finest ports in England to sail their tall ships and in just 100yrs, tall ship owners take applications. Amazing.


Well on the west side– Sandwich, there was nobody asking "errr der matey, wanna go to sea?", but they had the annual Sandwich Festival. This think is so low key that it is great. No rides, no commerciality. It was just refreshing. On Friday night they had a band and fireworks. I was amazed how well it was attended. No, it wasn't the biggest fireworks display, but it was about 20 minutes long and really fun. The best was that the food was cheap and pretty good, no drunks, just local people and the yute had fun. Saturday, we went back and again it was fun. Again no high costs just fun. The medieval types were there again. They do a real good job setting up a little village and trying to do a little teaching. The yute really got into the weapons, and well, so did I- the Japanese swords and amour were really interesting and so different. New this year was an Indian encampment. This is cool since it fit into the theme. Funny thing was that they were next to the medieval village rather than by the pioneer village next to the dh. They had room there so I don't know why it wasn't there. The pioneers had a few tents set up, period dress and a cannon. Well the yute got into that and while tso and I had a libation on the dh's patio (we could keep an eye on the yute from there) while he was training to be a gunner for the Royal Artillary. Word to the talibanians. Quit now. If the yute ever joins the forces you got about 8 years left till he becomes the PPLI's top draft choice and then you can deal with him cos you'll be done. Between the maces, swords and artillery -have you watched ‘konan the barbarian??" well it'll be over baby. One person who really struck me was a lady tso had worked with. She was with the Sandwich Baptist Church group. Who are they?? Well they were the final stop on the Underground Railway and are located on Peter Street. This is our history people and we should rejoice in it. What a wonderful lady and if you are nice you can get a tour of the church. All the kids should go there, it's that important. Hey school types-I know some must read this-set up some tours and work with them, as this is so big and must be taught to our kids. Well hopefully they can resurrect the Emancipation Day festival or even merge it into this one till it can go on its own. Well I really liked this and congrats to the organizers-whoever they are.


Then on Sunday tso and I went to the country. It was farm demonstration day and since Erie Shores was one of the demo farms, we put some Willie Nelson in the cd player, fired up the jetta and to the country we went. No, no Willie Nelson, don't worry app. Erie Shores does these events very well and they must be good for business. Got to get close to the grapes and see what they do. It was quite educational. For a city kid, I can't get enough of this stuff. Tasted wine grapes and was really taken by the small size and the taste. The Riesling wasn't very sweet but the Cabernet was really sweet and tiny. It was like a blueberry. Got to see their mechanical picker the press and all the other stuff. As normal folk don't get to see the back end of a winery seeing the equipment is cool. What amazed me is how small it is. Stuff isn't huge, it isn't techy but man its clean stainless. It was fun.


Well I'm just about evented out, but it's been a good summer. Now to start talkin about red wines, single malt and martinis

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