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Simply Superb – Tuesday September 5th, 2006

July 26, 2008

This is sounding familiar. Multiple tries to get to a winery and getting lost. It has been suggested that I purchase a gps system or even a map, but I feel it is a conspiracy to keep city folk lost. Why? Because all the roads were changed. I used to know my way around. Cabana was hwy 2 now its 42. Provincial is ??????? County rd 34 is Talbot Rd or old hwy 3 which new hwy 3 , the bypass is still hwy 3 – see it is a conspiracy. Have I been on an alien spacecraft, had an anal probe like Cartman had???? No No No!!!! and I've never drank shine either.


Well after multiple failed attempts, I made it to Muscedere Vineyards. Actually it was funny getting there this time too. TSO and the yute dragged me to "The Fair". After "The Fair" we decided to go to Muscedere but Tso had me in Colchester after pointing out the family graveyard, where every relative once lived,etc, etc. It was a history lesson that let us take 1 hr to go about 1 mile. Anyway I found it.


The vineyard is really pretty and will be a great entry in yrs to come. The drive winds down thru the vines to the buildings. The vines aren't too big but they look really good (I don't know what this means as I am a certified city boy, but they are pretty). The main building, which is the family home, contains the showroom. It's really nice and the display area is just right. And they have a real nice vineyard cat, a necessity in my books.


The Muscedere brothers are about my age and I was happy to find that one was an engineer and the other was a businessman who came home. They started growing grapes about six years ago and this is their first vintage. If  this is their first, I want to see their sixth cos this is very good


In what seems to be a trend they have four wines available.


Riesling: I am having some right now. It is different from the locals and I really enjoy it. I originally thought that it was of the crisp school from my tasting, but my bottle is different from my tasting at the winery. I taste the roundness, slight sweetness, and fruitiness of the Alsatian varieties. This can't be. I was led to believe that this was only doable in Niagara and Alsace. Someone has lied to me. Its not big and round but it has that character. Man I like this. By far best in the appellation.


Chardonnay: light fruity and another unoaked one I like. This seems to be a trend down here. I like that and hopefully that will be a trend and signature wine down here. After some Australians I've had I would think Australia is inhabited mainly by beavers.


Cabernet Franc: had this last night with dinner. I just really like it. Fruity, dry, just nice. Really nice to drink alone. This one is a keeper.


Cabernet Franc Reserve: I tried it at the winery and bought two. I want to try to lay this down for a while as it has real potential.  If you want to drink today buy the standard. If you want to have a real good one, lay it down for a while and this could be a beauty.


In the fields is Pinot Noir, and cab sauv so more goodies are on the way so we can wait. Maybe the brothers will get me my champagne??????? If they have pinot and chardonnay, well they can do it.


On top of great wine these two have got it. Their pride is obvious and it is clear that they have a plan and see the way the appellation can be something. It was great talking to them as we seem to see the possibilities the same. Vindicated most of my ideas and WHY DON'T LOCAL RESTAURANTS STOCK WINE LIKE THEY MAKE!!!!!  They wonder why too.


Now to they way they make their wine. Hand picked, slow crushed and not abused. A lot of what they do is due to necessity and their small size. But their bottling is gravity and by hand. Hey read about that big buck Napa or Tuscan and you'll read hand picked slow easy crushing and gravity flow. If it's good enough for a big buck wine its really good enough for me. Does it make a difference??? As that great philosopher Curly would say: "coitenly".

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