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Ruthven’s Finest – Monday July 31st, 2006

July 26, 2008

Sorry this is a week old. I forgot to post it. Must be getting old or just drank too much.


On Saturday, we decided to make a run to Aleksander winery out there in Ruthven. It's the closest to tso, yet she thinks that Mastronardi may actually be closer, but reality is that I can find Aleksander, so that's major to me.

The people there are really nice and we enjoy their wine. It's also neat that they were known to a particular winery on the bench. Maybe that's because their daughter went to the wine making program (can't pronounce the real term nor try to spell it) at Brock.


Tried several of their wines so here goes:


riesling: crisp and very fruity– nice summer one and similar in style to the local rieslings. I bought a couple of bottles and I do like it


late harvest riesling: this one is more my style as it has the fruitiness of the grapes and a little sweetness to round it out– man I must be getting old as I like a little sweetness. bought 2


chardonnay: the un-oaked is rather nice –again you can taste the fruit and without the oak, it is rather enjoyable bought 1 for tso


barrique chardonnay: here we have age and oak. A nice golden color and the taste just sneaks up on you. It's a little dear so I didn't buy any but the sample got better every sip. They have balanced the oak very well so don't think its like one of those Australians where I feel like a beaver.


raspberry: fruity fruity fruity really nice and I like it. Had to get another


cassis: extremely nice and fruity — essence of the fruit


peach: much the same and I got some for my mum


I didn't sample the reds, as it was really hot so I will report on them at another time.


If you are out in Ruthven give them a try as they are nice and produce a very good product at a fair price.

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