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Road Trip – June 5th, 2006

July 26, 2008

well its funny that i intend this to be about my local wines, then my first column is about niagara wines — oh well

one of my fellow league of gentlemen members always talks of the bench– i listened and last fall went to niagara falls and was basically lost about this sub area but on friday i proved him right.

i had to go to hamilton and pay my respects to a great man who really helped me. the funeral was over ~ 12 so the question became- how to honor his memory?? go home and mope ( 3 hour drive) or drive 20 minutes to wine country- i think joe answered this himself "go to niagara and go the slow way". well we did go slow — we got really lost as hamilton is strangely laid out and of course no map. hey joe trained me as a surveyor and had all these moss directional stuff i wished i had listened to. so i persevered. we found hwy 8 and off we went.

forget the 402 go the old way, its really pretty.

it was a perfect day and would only have been better if i was driving a morgan or a 356 spyder california. these roads are made for a sports car, my old fiat spyder would have been great but it probably would have broken down and certainly wouldn't have made it up the escarpment. but that wouldn't have been all that bad, case of wine a 3 day wait for parts- this may have become the niagara wine report. 

if you're like me and really love riesling and pinot noir- this area is nirvana- kurt would have become happy and the band would still be around. the rieslings just were beautiful- they made me happy- if you like the alsace type you might save a few bucks and get the same quality here.and face it, supporting our own people and helping them create something special is in our countries interest. politics over.

pinot pinot pinot what can i say- thay are great and no not just due to the movie– i didn't like the movie. along with the pinot noir they use its cousin gamay noir and do that well too — if you grew up on beaujolais like me this was heavenly. why go to france?? other than wine, scenery, cheese, food, history and smelly locals i just don't get it. these are real good.

pick of the litter is still konzelmann- yes, fellow league of gentlemen man, they are not on the bench but this is my blog so i can talk of them. riesling, gewurz, rose are all excellent. i can just picture the rhine in every sip. just thinking i am smiling. but you have to try their pinot — exceptional. this is the best i have had. when i am crowned king i want to serve this wine, actually i'd give them a royal seal kinda like liz does over in england.

peninsula ridge is so beautiful- the "opening soon" episode just doesn't do it justice– wine is pure class, just don't like the parking lot. its fine but i just don't like it. i want to go there to just eat on that patio

malivoire- i had never had the wine before but had read about them. the winemaker's name is shiraz- like how cool. this place is really beautiful. i commend the architect(this is a big thing for me to admit as they are evil little critters). thier wines are all so good, so classy so nice and the better ones are just so much better than their lower siblings but the cheaper versions are still really good. by this time i've got a little glow on. go for the gamay and hold on, the chardonnay. classy place and they turned me on to some other good ones. i'll be back!

angel's gate- the view, the view — this ain't canada this is like somewhere else — the wines are fabulous too and the staff was great, nice– i want to stay there, they had wine in humungo bottles- cool

met the winemakers at ridgepoint and kacaba — these guys were so cool so understated- they just love their wine- by this point i'm glowing and smilin and the trunk runneth over — i seriously thought of jettisoning my golf clubs.

well it was off to stoney ridge– heard they had artisinal cheese there and of course wine. the staff was great and the cheese, well the quadruple brie was to die for. it was so nice, kinda the texture of a fine goat cheese, i need more but i don't need a cardiologist. their wine is really good to — stay out of the higher level unless you have a trust fund but i like it.

well joe would have approved and i know was there in spirit. my advice is to stay off the freeway, go to the little wineries and have a girlfriend with good vision, not the "turn here" when you are already past it. sorry dear, i really do love you.

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