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Release Party – Thursday January 21st, 2008

July 26, 2008

Last Sunday was the release party for Sprucewood’s new Meritage*. Terry and I both enjoy the wines and the people so we just had to take the invite.

When we arrived we were surprised on two issues. One was that the parking area was quite full. Obviously the release was creating a quite a bit of buzz. The second was we saw the same people we saw he last time we were there. They’re really nice and constitute my entire readership(according to my page counter.., that in reality is closer to a random number generator…it also changes past day counts too!!).

Inside, it was quite busy, with the air of a party. The had set out a very nice appetizer area; with fruit, a chocolate fountain and an excellent cheese tray. It had some very interesting cheeses which were very tastey (thank god that the kraft cheddar was missing).

Now to the heart of the matter, the wine.. The Meritage was served separately, at another station which was manned by the owner. The wine was decanted and thus allowed to breathe. Our sample was ample, enough to give a first impression.

The nose was magnificent. Full lovely and just there. 

Immediate thought was that this is a very balanced wine and ready to drink now. There was an absence of harsh tannins and the taste was very very nice. The wine can best be described as following the company product line. This is not a big wine as Meritages can be, but it is a very lovely wine. Like the Pinot Noir, it is a very ‘delicate’ wine. If I were sexist, I would say that this wine shows that it was made by a lady. I just can’t see Mike Ditka making this wine (he has a major cellar btw), but I like this nonetheless.

It was a fitting day for a very nice wine. I congratulate the Sprucewood family for the hospitality and the quality of the wine. 

I wish more wineries would have release parties as this is a fun way to get the word out.

*Meritage is actually a California marketing creation, much like Fume Blanc. Since by quirks in California law the Bordeaux blends were not recognized as real wine they came up with Meritage to allow the consumer to be able to know that these blends were quality and certainly “not rushed before their time”. 

The Meritage blend involves the classic Bordeaux grapes: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These grapes have widely varying tastes but they work very well together. Now, you can do the blend and not be a Meritage as it is a marketing license, so don’t worry about others in the area that are similar. The Barncats, Birddogs and Double Barrels of our world are just as much Bordeauxlaise as a Meritage. The French being French have numerous blends which vary from village to village and if the bring back some of the ‘lost grapes’ which the found in Chile, there could be four major then some minor actors. So you can have 2, 3 4 or 1 of the noble grapes and still be like a Bordeaux since the just won’t tell you what's in it.

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