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Random Thoughts – Monday October 30th, 2006

July 26, 2008



Saturday evening, tso, the yute and I were lucky enough to be invited to a Halloween party. Friends whom we went to Oktoberfest with have this yearly party and we attended.


Congratulations to Terry and Eric. Very deserved. Excellent job done. They transformed their garage into a haunted house, had crafts and treats for the kids and a lot of food and drink for the adults. Too bad the weather sucked but we still had a great time.


But the emphasis was on the children. Gifts, games, food, crafts, you name it they had it. This is a common theme to parties which I have attended in Michigan. It is amazing how family oriented the people are. I sometimes wish people on this side of the ditch would learn a little from our American cousins.





On Saturday an enlightenment hit me. I realized that I like people who like animals and whom animals like.


Now, I always thought I lived in the ark or a mini ark, I got  way out-noahed on Saturday. Off to the Ugly American's house. Now they have 3 dogs, 1 cat and a bird, but they love them and the animals love them back. They are great people. Then off to Terry and Eric's. Well that ‘is the ark' and they are really great people too.


Now, app doesn't have any pets BUT Vlad and Sasce take to him. Most of my friends have pets and I really think that if animals don't like someone, then there is a reason.


So I would like to take Vlad on any new interviews. He could sniff out those nasty people that I miss and thus get me into that dream job. A novel idea as long as he doesn't pee on their plants.

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