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Post St. Paddy’s Blues – Monday March 19th, 2007

July 26, 2008

Another St. Patty’s day has passed and what have I learned………obviously nothing: except that I have some wonderful friends. Oh yes..and the Shannon Brothers can put on a good show….and I want to go to the east coast and listen to Celtic music, eat seafood and drink Glen Breton. Yes, that would be fine, real fine. Except of course, they don’t make wine there to go with the lobster and salmon….. oh well.

I’ve recovered sufficiently to make dinner and have some wine tonite. I really had a hankering for duck, so I took a couple of breasts out last night and grilled them today. I really wanted a big wine; but I went back to my roots and had a Pinot Noir. Gee, who’d a thunk it. I’ve got Cab Francs coming out my ears but this one said drink me. Actually the Burgundy beside said it louder but hey, what can I do.

So, I got my duck breasts and did the usual…herbes de Provence (get some from Rafal’s and you will know why I put it on everything) pepper, salt and olive oil. Let them sit around for a while I watched the Spurs game……sad very sad. I didn’t let the fact Chelsea won spoil the day so I lit the barbie and made my salad dressing. Yes, I never buy it .. Try it since its soooooo easy.

Music is Bill Evans, "The Unknown Sessions" on a Japanese pressing. This music is so cool I just love it. So different from Oscar Peterson but just so cool.

The wine went surprisingly well with the duck, which I served on the salad. I thought the wine would be a little light to get along, but it did oh so well and of course, Pinot with jazz is just right.

The wine….is this a wine blog??? Sometimes I really wonder. The wine of choice is Sprucewood Pinot Noir. I really like this winery and have always had a good time when I’ve been there. The fact that they have Engineer’s making the wine is a plus. I really think that if Engineers were allowed to run the world it would be so much better. That message was brought to you by "Engineers who really do other things better than be Engineers".

Back to the wine:::Well I don’t smell barnyard, but a little earthiness which is how I characterize Pinot along with a fruity nose. Remember that I aerate all my reds so this really mutes the nose. It smooths them out, but the large nose disappears. The color is very pale but that’s ok. I can deal with that rather than some over oaked sample. Its also a little young but as an 04 it ain’t a baby either.

The taste to me is classic Pinot, but on the light side which is fine by me. The duck is smothering my palate so it is still affecting me and this tasting. This wine is very smooth and lingers, like a good single malt. Not strong but there. I really get a back of the tongue with this wine. Nice fruit and balanced . I like this wine. They obviously know what they are doing. For the Pinot people it is a light one. The duck worked, but I think this would be ideal with salmon or roast chicken. A more summery Pinot which definitely has a place in my cellar.

Thank you Sprucewood for the courage to make a Pinot and thank you for making one as nice as this.

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