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Pinot Time – Thursday October 18th, 2007

July 26, 2008

As all my readers know (all 3 of them) is that I love Pinot Noir. So tonight I wanted some salmon so guess what…I had a bottle of Sprucewood's 05 Pinot, so hey why not!!

It is/was beautiful outside tonight so I decided that I must grill the salmon. I used some rub…It may have been APP's from ‘Bama but it may have come from Terry as a present….well I bought some Cajun Salad from the deli to have with it.

Music is Steeley Dan, which is a band that I just love. Kinda jazzy but is classy and witty. It's a cd but that's ok….I'll get my turntable going again soon after I move.

The wine has a very fresh fruity aroma. Very bright but with some earthy notes. This wine is very light and is about the lightest Pinot that I've had lately, but that isn't all bad. I would love this wine on the deck.

The taste is very light and fresh. The fruit is right there and there is some hint of spice. Is this my pepper acting again????? I don't think so but there is a tingle on my tongue. I get a wee bit of tannins and this is a nice wine. I like it and think it will be so nice to drink alone. But, it did well with the salmon. It was spicy and worked very well with the wine. This is a lite Pinot so I wouldn't use it with any heavy food. I actually see this as a nice sipping wine.

Un-aerated the aroma is a lot bigger. More fruit, more is really alive, but a little rougher though not in a bad way.

The taste is rather surprising. It is thicker and darker. Just opposite of what I'd expect. This wine may be better un-aerated..Yes, I like this one better un aerated. Like the very rare cd which is better than the vinyl this one is that rare bird.

I only have 1 glass but I think that this may be more food friendly and will stand up to more.

My is this odd but this is a nice wine.

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