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One From My Cellar – Monday October 30th, 2006

July 26, 2008

Well I have a different wine to review tonight. This is one that I have drunk regularly for a couple of years and always enjoyed. It's from Filli Corsi from Tuscany simply labeled Corsi.


Its really nothing fancy nor expensive but aerated it gives a real sound demonstration of what is made there. Being an 04 it is rather young and as such really takes to aerating. I just can't say that enough.


Dinner was making out to be a disaster. I tried two new things and one didn't look like anything but was ok. That's why I went to the Corsi as at least it would cheer me up. I put on some Oscar Peterson and well, that can help anything out. Well dinner: I made polenta from scratch using my smoked turkey stock as the liquid. I have never made polenta before and well it was fun. I think I'll stick to the tubed stuff. Its way more expensive but man was it a lot of work. It turned out ok though. Well I made some veal and that was….. iffy. Some recipe to do an egg wash with parmesan in it. I really think the stuff in the shaker may work better as this really didn't coat and well looked awful. It tastes ok and that's the main thing.


Well northern Italian wine and northern food should work and yes they do. Quite well actually. I find Tuscan wines to be ‘just right', not too heavy nor tannic. This one has enough tannins to keep up with the food but not too many where I wouldn't want to drink it alone. I close my eyes and when I smell it smells like … Tuscany, you know fruity, kinda old but alive.


This wine has definitely not developed yet. Its not too complex but I get jammy tastes not unlike a merlot. There's a hint of terroir but more so in the aroma. This wine is definitely better with food than as a stand alone. With the veal it was fine. It did its job and allowed my unholy mess to taste as good as it could. I found it liked the fennel and rosemary in the herbes de provence and played well off of those notes. Alone its ok but I could find others. Now give me pasta, polenta, veal and this wine will shine.


And now for the kicker…. This wine is not listed at the licbo. I get it thru my wine buying group. Sorry guys. I like it so I wrote about it. But try any ‘cost effective' Tuscan and you will get much the same thing. I'll do a few more of these and this is like reviewing wines from vintages as those are limited too. At least this is available once a year.

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